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Account and Hashtag Analytics for Brands, Agencies, Business

Examples of our pdf reports: Instagram Account Report (pdf), Instagram Hashtag Report (pdf)
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  • Instagram Analysis

    Measure your audience growth. Learn about the gender and geo distribution of your followers.

  • Optimize Your Content

    Find out which of your posts resonate most with your audience, the time when your posts get the most likes and comments, and which hashtags trigger engagement.

  • Instagram Hashtag Analytics

    Gain a deeper understanding of your Instagram community. Discover most engaging posts and important contributors. Measure the success of your new products and marketing campaigns. Track competitor hashtags to compare your brand perception against your competitors.

  • Export Your Data

    Export your reports to PDF and presentations. Export any metric’s data to Excel for custom reporting. Use our API to integrate your Instagram data in your social media dashboards.

  • Instagram Stories & Instagram Insights

    Track your performance on Instagram Stories. Measure reach and impressions of your stories and see how people are engaging with them. Compare your stories to decide what type of content works best with your followers.

  • Track your Instagram traffic

    Track how much traffic you are driving to your website by adding a trackable link in your Instagram bio. Schedule your bio link to change automatically at a specific time and date in the future. Get valuable insights about your visitors and measure your marketing efforts better.

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