Analytics for Instagram, TikTok, Threads,new Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Instagram Analytics: Dashboard

TikTok, Threads, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram Analytics

Get advanced insights into your Instagram, TikTok, Threads, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn followers, learn how your audiences evolve and engage with your content. With our tools, your Instagram, TikTok, Threads Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn data is updated hourly and held for all time. Choose any specific date range at the touch of a button for a detailed report.

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Twitter and Instagram Hashtag Analytics

If you need to keep track of a hashtag marketing campaign, you’ve come to the right place. Keep tabs on how a hashtag is performing, view every post using the hashtag and find out how people feel about the hashtag, all in one place.

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Instagram Analytics: Hashtag Analytics

Hourly Updates, More Data

Instagram Gender of Followers Instagram Follower Map

View solely new follower demographics during a selected date range. Whether you are wondering what kinds of new followers you are attracting over a specific campaign, or attempting to view trends in your general follower demographic development, our date picker and hourly changes make it clear and easy.


How does your Instagram account compare with similar accounts? Use Benchmarks to measure how your brand stacks up within a cohort. Compare your follower growth, posts, engagement rate, reach rate, likes, comments and stories.

Instagram Analytics: Benchmarks

Reporting & Data Export

Instagram CSV export Instagram email stats

Streamline your reporting process and save hours of time with our beautiful, automated reports. Export to CSV, PDF, XLS or PPTX format. Schedule reports to be automatically sent daily, weekly, or monthly, to the emails of your choice — so your clients and colleagues are always up to date!


Whether you are mentioned in a post description or a comment, we make your brand mentions easy to find and filter. With all your mentions in one place, it is simple to keep track of your brand mentions and respond directly from

Instagram Analytics: Mentions

Team management

Interested in giving your team and clients access to the information they need? With the power is in your hands. Grant your team and clients access to the metrics that matter to them, while restricting access to sensitive data like passwords and payments.

Instagram Analytics: Team Members

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