Instagram Hashtag Analytics

Track Instagram hashtags to measure your brand awarness

Instagram Analytics: Hashtag Analytics

Hashtag Growth

Running a campaign or a contest? Measure the success of your new products and marketing campaigns with Instagram hashtags. Keep track of the number and frequency of posts with your brand’s hashtags. Track competitor hashtags to compare your performance and learn what works best for them.

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Hashtag Engagement

Monitor your brand’s Instagram hashtag campaigns and visualize their performance. See if your hashtags generate buzz around your brand on Instagram. Get insights into which types of post, photo, video or carousel, are the most popular and which get the most engagement.

Instagram Hashtag Analytics: Engagement

Sentiment rate

Instagram Hashtag Analytics: Sentiment rate

Hashtag sentiment analysis gives you an overview of public opinion around your brand or product. Understand how people feel about your brand or product based on their Instagram posts. Monitor competitors’ hashtags to compare your brand perception against your competitors.

Top Posts

Gain a deeper understanding of your Instagram community. Discover most popular posts with your brand’s hashtags and reach out to the contributors. Find user-generated content that can be used as part of your Instagram marketing strategy.

Instagram Hashtag Analytics: Top Posts


Gain insight into the context around your brand. Discover popular hashtags used along with your brand or product on Instagram. Find new engaging hashtags which can expand the reach of your campaigns.

Instagram Hashtag Analytics: Context

Reporting & Data Export

Instagram CSV export Instagram email stats

Streamline your reporting process and save hours of time with our beautiful, presentation-ready reports. Export to CSV, PDF, XLS or PPTX format. Schedule reports to be automatically sent daily, weekly, or monthly, to the emails of your choice — so your clients and colleagues are always up to date!

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