Refund Policy offers a 14-day free trial so you can assess the suitability of the Services for your requirements. This trial can be extended upon request if you need more time to assess the software. When you register with, you agree to pay and take responsibility for all charges made in accordance with your plan and these policies. For these reasons we do not offer refunds once you have signed up for a paid plan and your credit card has been charged. In order to be fair, no exceptions are made. Monthly plan billing: Our monthly plans are month-to-month, billed in advance on a pay-as-you-go basis. Monthly plans automatically renew every month. You are billed once per month on the renewal day, which is the same day of the month on which you signed up for the plan. Annual billing: Our annual plans are year-to-year, billed in advance on a pay-as-you-go basis. Annual plans automatically renew every year. You are billed on the renewal day, which is the same day of the year on which you signed up for the plan.


You have the right to access the Site and use the Services for the full period you have paid for. You may also cancel at any time prior to the end of your paid up period. No prorated refunds are provided for cancellations made before the end of the paid up period.

Free 14-day trial offers a free 14-day trial on paid plans. You are not required to enter payment information, but your plan will expire at the end of the 14 day.

Failed charges

If is unable to bill your credit card or PayPal account, your account will enter the dunning process and you will then have 4 days to update your payment information before we terminate your Account. Accounts that have been terminated after dunning, may be reactivated if valid payment information is entered and we can successfully charge the card or your PayPal for all debits made on the account since the failed charge.