TikTok Analytics

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TikTok Analytics: Dashboard

Content Performance

Our TikTok analytics report offers a range of metrics to help you get insights into your TikTok content performance. Get data on views, engagement rate, likes, comments and shares for your TikTok videos.

24-hour data

Get even more in-depth insights into your content performance with regular data updates. View a breakdown of engagement for your TikTok videos in the first 24 hours of publishing.

TikTok Analytics: 24-hour analytics data

TikTok Optimization

Know precisely when it’s the best time for you to post on TikTok and which hashtags boost engagement. Learn more about the types of posts that are most valuable to your audience and your business.

TikTok Analytics: Optimization

Reporting & Data Export

TikTok CSV export TikTok Post Table View

Save hours of your time and export your TikTok analytics data to XLS, CSV or use our beautiful, presentation-ready PDF and PPTX reports. Schedule your data to be automatically emailed to you exactly when you need it.

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