X/Twitter Analytics

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Twitter Analytics: Dashboard

Follower Growth

Track the grows of your X/Twitter audience over time. See how many followers you gain and lose daily. With our date picker, you can choose a specific date range at the touch of a button, allowing you to dig into details.

Post Performance

Get all your post insights at your fingertips. Identify your most engaging content and tack how people are engaging with your posts so you can create more content that is relevant and boosts engagement.

X/Twitter Analytics: Post performance


We make it simple to keep track of your X/Twitter brand mentions and replies and filter the most important ones. You can also see whether mentions of your account on X/Twitter are positive, negative or neutral and find hashtags used along with your brand mentions.

X/Twitter Analytics: Mentions


Identify the time when your content gets most likes and reposts, and which hashtags trigger the highest engagement. Experiment with your posting habits to measure how it impacts your metrics. Know exactly what to say and when to say it.

X/Twitter Analytics: Optimization

Reporting & Data Export

Twitter CSV export Twitter email stats

Streamline your reporting process and save hours of time with our beautiful, automated reports. Export to CSV, PDF, XLS or PPTX format. Schedule reports to be automatically sent daily, weekly, or monthly, to the emails of your choice — so your clients and colleagues are always up to date!

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