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Check Out @notonthehighstreet Instagram Best Practices

Brands on Instagram Nov 14, 2019

Not On The High Street is an online retail website which is home to more than 5,000 of the UK’s best small creative businesses. By partnering up with small businesses to make a big impact, Not On The High Street makes use of the internet playing a major role in the evolution of our spending habits, while retaining a focus on supporting smaller, niche creatives. With 488k followers on Instagram, their team have developed a strong marketing plan to back the success of their vision.

@notonthehighstreet Instagram profile
@notonthehighstreet Instagram profile

Here’s how Not On The High Street are smashing it on Instagram…

Utilising The Platform To Achieve Their Business Goals

Not On The High Street is a retail platform. Therefore, they have set up everything to point towards what they want the end user to do - shop.

The shop tab is saturated with products.

@notonthehighstreet Shop tab
@notonthehighstreet Shop tab

The vast majority of the media on their main feed features a product that is linked, enabling the user to view on their website and purchase.

@notonthehighstreet Instagram post featuring ‘View Products’ option
@notonthehighstreet post featuring ‘View Products’ option

Products are featured in grouped highlights, keeping gift ideas fresh and current.

@notonthehighstreet Instagram stories highlights
@notonthehighstreet Highlights

Their bio features a direct link to their website and encouragement to ‘Shop what you see’.

@notonthehighstreet Instagram bio
@notonthehighstreet bio

By being clear in the end goal for their business, Not On The High Street have been able to be intentional with their use of Instagram. This makes it simple to use as a consumer and focused as a brand.

Integrating Their Values

Sharing company values is an opportunity to humanise a brand and connect authentically with an audience. It also allows the company to showcase its unique selling points. Not On The High Street is particularly different because it is made up of numerous partnerships with small businesses. Finding ways to showcase values, and sew this into the social media marketing campaign, develops a profile beyond the products.

Their IGTV series 'Small Business Supporter' highlights their company aims and features collabs with celebrities such as Gok Wan and Fearne Cotton.

@notonthehighstreet IGTV tab on Instagram
@notonthehighstreet IGTV tab

Their festive posts spread positivity and community spirit.

@notonthehighstreet media and description on an Instagram post
@notonthehighstreet media and description

Their bio is uplifting, with the statement ‘home of thoughtful gifts’.

Section of the @notonthehighstreet Instagram bio
Section of @notonthehighstreet bio

The positive community spirit Not On The High Street weaves into their profile and their posts speaks volumes about their outlook and values. Placing emphasis on thoughtfulness and the support of small businesses helps the audience connect with the brand on a human level.

Keeping Tabs On The Customer Experience

How do we know whether the audience is reacting positivity to products and connecting with the brand on a level that means something to our businesses? By tracking audience activity through a hashtag, Not On The High Street can group together the posts about their products from other users, making it easy to see which products are making a real impact.

This is how Not On The High Street shares their hashtags:

Showcasing a hashtag in their bio.

Hashtag #NOTHS in their Instagram bio
Hashtag #NOTHS in bio

Adding a hashtag to the descriptions of posts to reinforce it.

@notonthehighstreet Instagram post featuring the hashtag #NOTHS
@notonthehighstreet post featuring the hashtag #NOTHS

Adding additional hashtags for different festivities e.g. #NOTHSChristmas.

@notonthehighstreet Instagram post featuring the hashtag #NOTHSChristmas
@notonthehighstreet post featuring the hashtag #NOTHSChristmas

Tracking how well your business is doing on Instagram is just as important as putting out content. By keeping up to date with consumer opinion, a business can continue to give their customers things they love, make any necessary changes, and be clued in about how the public really feel about the business and brand. Using Minter.io we can see which hashtags are associated with #NOTHS to see which other hashtags users are placing alongside their product-related media.

Graph for Associated Hashtags relating to #NOTHS by Minter.io
Graph for Associated Hashtags relating to #NOTHS by Minter.io

Reaching New Relevant Potential Customers

Building an audience to grow business is an essential part of making a viable business plan for the long term. Relying on repeat custom can only be a section of a business plan, while reaching new potential customers is another part of the pie. Not On The High Street uses techniques to reach relevant people on Instagram who might be interested in their products.

They use a mix of relevant hashtags alongside their unique hashtag in media descriptions.

@notonthehighstreet Instagram post featuring a mix of relevant hashtags
@notonthehighstreet post featuring a mix of relevant hashtags

Here are the Top Tags by Interactions for @notonthehighstreet over the past year:

Top Tags by Interaction graph by Minter.io
Top Tags by Interaction graph by Minter.io

They create competitions that require tagging other users.

@notonthehighstreet Instagram competition post
@notonthehighstreet competition post

They tag collaborative partners.

@notonthehighstreet Instagram post featuring collaborative mention
@notonthehighstreet post featuring collaborative mention

Reaching other users through tags, mentions and hashtags helps to grow the community. While hashtags and collaborations reach people who may be interested in the types of products on offer, mentions through competitions allow the community to recommend the brand to their friends.

Take a look at your business Instagram profile and see how you can apply these principles to your social media marketing strategy. You can see how well your Instagram presence is developing through tracking advanced analytics with Minter.io. Try it today and witness your Instagram develop before your eyes.


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