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How Much Reach Should My Brand Be Getting On Instagram?

Instagram Analytics Feb 25, 2019

Reach is an essential metric to track on Instagram because it is essentially the data detailing the amount of viewers who are seeing your content. As a brand, the amount of individual viewers seeing your content is important for brand awareness, conversions, customer growth and ultimately your return on investment. If people aren’t seeing your content, you won’t be seeing much of any of the above through your social media channels.

So how much reach should you be getting on your content? A way of measuring how your reach is stacking up is by taking note of your reach rate. This is calculated by taking the total reach of a piece of content (views by unique accounts), and dividing it by the number of followers your account has.

Here at Minter.io we’ve analysed about 3–4 million posts and 350k stories to bring you the median reach rates for posts and stories within cohorts of followers. It is generally accepted that the larger the volume of followers per cohort, the lower the overall percentage of reach. However the trend of ratio of post reach rates to story reach rates is evident throughout.

See our findings below:

Cohorts and median reach rates for posts and stories:

0–20k followers: Post Reach — 37.72% Story Reach — 8.155%

20–100k followers: Post Reach — 22.945% Story Reach — 4.27%

100k — 1M followers: Post Reach — 22.885% Story Reach — 4.1%

Over 1M followers: Post Reach — 19.09% Story Reach — 3.78%

The Evidence Is Conclusive

Posts have about a 4 times higher reach rate than stories. So if you’ve only the time or budget to dedicate to posts OR stories, publishing posts is the logical choice for getting your content seen by more viewers. The main reason for this is that stories expire 24 hours after they are posted. Other limiting factors include their location within the app and the way in which users interact with stories. This is why smart brands use stories alongside their posts and make use of Instagram’s several in-built features to maximise potential reach.

See how your reach rates measure up using the Benchmarks feature at Minter.io - start your free trial today!


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