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Instagram Business Insights on Minter.io

Product updates Sep 12, 2017

We’re happy to let you know that minter.io is now fully integrated with Instagram Business Insights so you can fully evaluate your performance on Instagram.

Here is what’s been added:
- Stories insights: You can access insights for specific stories you’ve created to see how each performed and how people are engaging with them.
- New Post insights: You can now see reach, impressions for your specific posts.
- New Audience insights: You can access the age groups of your followers.
- Profile insights: You can view how people are interacting with your profile.

To get access to the new insights you, need a Business Profile on Instagram and be an admin of the Facebook Business Page associated with it. Link your Instagram account to your brand’s Facebook Page by clicking the gear icon from the top menu.

Instagram Business Insights are available to all our users. Try it out for yourself on Minter.io!

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