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5 of the best Link In Bio services you NEED to try

Instagram Marketing Nov 3, 2021
5 of the best Link In Bio services you NEED to try

Link in bio services have burst into popularity in recent years and their influence is continuing to spread. With more choice and competition ready to stamp their mark on your social media, it’s unlikely you’ll be short of options. With so many companies to choose from, how can you decide which link in bio service is right for you?

We’ve gathered 5 great options to suit a variety of different business needs, so you can make the most of the link in your bio.

1. Linktree

Dubbed the OG of link in bio services by search engine optimisation guru Neil Patel, Linktree has been featured in Entrepeneur, Forbes, Digital Trends and Engadget and is used by over 16 million people. Linktree helps users showcase multiple links on a landing page. If you can’t decide on just one link, or if you’re a link-a-holic like Donna Hay (who at the time of writing sported a total of 96 links on her Linktree landing page) this might be the solution for you. It’s easy to use and quick to edit.

Big brands obsessed with Linktree include:

Although most widely known for forwarding social media audiences to various websites and social media channels through a landing page, Linktree offers so much more. Access analytics and use a multitude of integrated tools such as Mailchimp, Google Sheets, Facebook, Songlink/Odesli and Paypal. Not only can you point your audience to multiple websites and social media profiles, through the commerce links tool you can now take payments directly on your Linktree profile.

Monthly Pricing Plans

  • Free
  • Pro -$6
  • Enterprise - tailored plans for agencies and multiple business owners

2. Koji

A fierce rival for Linktree, Koji is amassing an army of creators with a unique take on the link in bio service. Not only can you share links, Koji hosts a vast array of apps ready to embed in your landing page. Koji has a fun, creative edge, sure to attract younger audiences and creators.

Apps ready to imbed include:

  • Tip Jar
  • Ask Me Anything
  • Branded Quiz
  • Dare Me
  • Shoutout
  • Video
  • Media Wall
  • Super Like
  • NFT Gallery
  • Guestbook
  • Email Collection
  • Giveaway

…as well as multiple games, monetisation apps, meme creators and more.

Koji has been featured in VentureBeat, USA Today, HubSpot, protocol, Fast Company and Los Angeles Times and it seems to be a hit particularly with music, art and content creators.

Koji has a fresh take on pricing because it is free! Koji makes money through add-on sales and transaction fees for tips and money made through the platform.

Feed Link (part of the EmbedAlbum platform by EmbedSocial) takes the feed its attached to, for example an Instagram grid, and replicates it with the option to add links to the images. Every time you add a new image to Instagram, Feedlink adds it to the link in your bio - simple!

Example of Feed Link adding links to your Instagram images - image by EmbedSocial
Example of Feed Link adding links to your Instagram images - image by EmbedSocial

Monthly Pricing Plans

  • Free
  • Pro - $19
  • Pro Plus - $49
  • Premium - $99

4. Tap Bio

Tap Bio lets you create a link which looks like an Instagram story, only with more options. Create ‘cards’ for your audience to swipe through, just like you’d swipe through Instagram stories posts.

These cards include:

  • A simple card with a single call to action
  • Instagram links card which makes posts tappable
  • A links card where you can add multiple link buttons
  • An email collection card for building your email list
  • YouTube card which automatically features your latest video
  • Twitter card which shows your tweets

…with more cards on the way.

Fender, Kayak and Virgin Hyperloop are just some of the big names currently indulging in the Tap Bio link in bio.

Monthly Pricing Plans

  • Basic - Free
  • Silver - $5
  • Gold - $12

Discounts apply to annual subscriptions.

5. Milkshake

Similarly to Tap Bio, Milkshake builds your link out of cards. However, Milkshake goes beyond being a simple link in bio service -  it is a mini website builder. Alongside hosting many of the previous options we’ve looked at, with Milkshake you can share your story.

You can personalise each of your cards with:

  • text
  • images
  • GIFs
  • YouTube videos
  • blog posts
  • podcast episodes
  • contact details
  • links

…and more.

Use the ‘About’ card to share your business and brand with the world, beyond the constraints of a set link focus.

Example of customisable Milkshake App cards for link in bio - image by Milkshake
Example of customisable Milkshake App cards - image by Milkshake

Milkshake has been featured on: The Webby Awards, Freelancing Females, Frankie, Vogue Codes, Women Love Tech, Future Women, M by InVision, B&T, Creative Impact Co and Life Hacker.

Milkshake is free!

Whatever link you choose to have in your bio, make sure you are tracking it with Minter.io. Not only does Minter.io help build businesses through extensive social media analytics, helping you track KPIs, campaigns and keep tabs on competitors. You can track click data for your link, such as county, language, platform, browser and link referrers, helping you craft a link that makes sense for your audience.

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