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5 Ways You NEED To Be Utilising Your Instagram Bio

Instagram Marketing Tips Jan 21, 2020

Your Instagram bio is one of the first pieces of text any viewer will see when they check out your Instagram profile. Don’t let it go to waste! It’s amazing how many businesses and brands aren’t making the most of these 150 characters. We’ve put together 5 ways you should be using your Instagram bio. If you’re missing these, think about how you can change this to make your bio stand out for all the right reasons.

Your bio is the only place on Instagram where you can place a clickable link, so if you don’t use your bio in any other way - make sure you add a link directly to your website. If you aren’t pointing potential customers in the direction of your products, you really are missing a trick. You can showcase how brilliant and beautiful your services and/or products are through a carefully curated feed, but if you aren’t making it easy for potential customers to purchase, you are very likely to be losing valuable business.

Try a click tracker like this one from Minter.io which will provide you with data such as clicks by country, language and browser.

Click tracker data graph by Minter.io

Do you have different departments within a brand? Perhaps you have womenswear and menswear on separate Instagram feeds? Maybe you are working closely in partnership with another brand or service where you earn commission? Sharing these with your audience is an excellent use of your Instagram bio.

@vans links with 6 associated accounts in their Instagram bio

3. Sharing Your Hashtag

Are you currently running a hashtag campaign? Your bio is one of the many places you can be shouting about it, but it’s the first place new profile viewers will see it! Some brands opt for having a brand-based hashtag for the entirety of their social media presence. Again - the bio is where you can be sharing this to make the most of your audience remembering and engaging with it.

@maxfactor share their hashtag #BeautyWithDepth on their Instagram bio

4. Showcasing Your Values

Does your brand stand strongly for a particular topic that you want to shout about to the world? Maybe you’re hot on global warming, animal welfare, human rights or equality? There’s no better place to put a bold statement than the first impression of your Instagram profile. Whatever your brand wants to be associated with or portray to the world, share it from your bio. Think about a quote, a quirky comment, a witty one-liner or go bold with alliteration, and create rapport with your audience upon first arrival.

@lush states ‘all are welcome, always’ on their Instagram bio

5. Make It Clear What You Do

This might seem like an obvious one, but not every brand or business outlines exactly what their products and/or services are in a succinct manner, making it difficult for first-time viewers to know what they’re in for without having to sift through numerous posts. Don’t be one of those brands. Make it clear who you are and what you do.

@fiveguys put their menu on their Instagram bio for total clarity

We hope you’ve come to realise that you can pack quite a punch with those 150 characters. Find more useful Instagram tips on our blog at Minter.io/blog and check out Minter.io for all the Instagram analytics your business needs to go from great to exceptional.


Sarah Pike

Fan of tea, rock music and fluffy animals.

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