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Every business should be on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Analytics Apr 8, 2022
Every business should be on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform unlike many of its rivals. While Facebook focuses on family and friendships, Instagram has a strong emphasis on aesthetics, Twitter is the online equivalent of water cooler conversation and TikTok leans heavily into short-form entertainment (for now), LinkedIn is the social platform specifically for business.

After the past few years, working online and building connections within your chosen career path has become more valuable than ever. This is where LinkedIn is in a lane of its own, utilising the power of social media to dominate the business networking scene. In this article, we’ll be looking into the features LinkedIn offers businesses that you can’t get on other social media platforms.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social media platform that grow networks and connections between businesses, professionals and the workplace. By looking at the way LinkedIn is set up, it’s clear that networking and jobs are a key focus of the platform, with ‘My Network’, ‘Jobs’ and ‘Work’ along the main navigation bar. It is, after all, the self- proclaimed ‘most viewed professional newsfeed’.

LinkedIn navigation bar features professionally focused tabs
LinkedIn navigation bar

When we think of LinkedIn in terms of who it serves, the platform primarily functions as a business to business connector alongside recruiter and talent network facilitator.

Personal Pages

In many ways, a personal page on LinkedIn serves as an ever evolving and growing portfolio of work and experience. Think of it as a digital CV for business owners and recruiters to peruse. This makes LinkedIn extremely valuable for connecting individuals and businesses with one another.

Like most social media platforms, LinkedIn profiles include a profile picture and banner image to showcase what you’re all about. The bio section is set up to show what you’re currently doing in the business world, offering a space for your name, a headline, current employment position, and pronouns. You can promote that you’re open to finding new work, providing your services or hiring new employees. You can even build a resume with the buttons at the top of your personal profile. Add sections to your profile that centre around education, skills, certifications, recommendations and experience.

Personal profile on LinkedIn with work and professional focus
Personal profile on LinkedIn

Business Pages

Alongside creating a personal page on LinkedIn, you can create business pages. This allows you to communicate as a brand, showcase content from employees, advertise job openings, display community hashtags and share events. Members of the LinkedIn community can follow your business page, take call-to-actions and view employees of the company as well as employee insights.

LinkedIn business services include:

  • Talent solutions
  • Sales solutions
  • Post a job for free
  • Marketing solutions
  • Learning solutions

Alongside these services, you can advertise, find leads, create or engage with groups, look at the services marketplace and view salaries.

LinkedIn business page lets users interact and share as a business
LinkedIn business page

The brilliance behind LinkedIn is that it shines a focus on goals, opportunities and connection through a business lens. Your posts aren’t directed solely at the consumer but at other businesses, working professionals and worldwide talent.

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