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5 Of The Most Christmassy Instagram Accounts

Instagram Analytics Dec 19, 2019

With a week to go until Santa and his reindeer leave the north pole, we’re feeling rather festive at Minter.io and we hope you are too! We’ve found some of the cosiest, snowiest Christmas Instagram accounts that you can follow to help you feel festive all year round!


Instagram image from instagram.com/christmascountdown

Counting the sleeps ‘til Santa visits? Christmas countdown couples festive imagery with a bold countdown to the big day. This year’s countdown started at 125 days to go, so you get to enjoy looking forward to the festive season well in advance with fellow festive fanatics.

Followers: 163k

This Christmas countdown account is only getting more popular every year. Just check out the profile engagement rate spikes over the festive season increasing year on year.

Graph by Minter.io


Instagram image from instagram.com/christmasautumnn

Not to mixed up with @christmasautumn, @christmas.autumn or @christmas_autumn, this stunning seasonal account swirls the colours of falling leaves, log fires and roasted chestnuts with stunning landscapes and seasonal scenes. For fans of Halloween, Christmas and autumnal settings.

Followers: 60.1k


Instagram image from instagram.com/christmaswho

With a distinct fondness for baked goods and warming beverages, this account will tickle your sweet tooth. Cosy up with gingerbread, hot chocolate, cookies and cakes with this deliciously tempting feed of festive food.

Followers: 18.5k

With #christmasinjune, #joy and #cookies amongst their most effective tags of all time, we’re happy to get lost in their Christmassy account.

Graph by Minter.io


Instagram image from instagram.com/houseofchristmas

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? We’ve found it! Enjoy snowy seasonal scenes and winter wonderlands with the charmingly chilly @houseofchristmas.

Followers: 22.1k

We’re not the only ones who love their posts… just look at the rate of engagement their posts get in their followers cohort.

Graph by Minter.io


Instagram image from instagram.com/mychristmasfairy

Longing for a traditional Christmas? Find your fix here! This Instagram account is filled with vintage Christmas images, with nostalgic posts featuring classic cars, brown paper parcels, old-school clothing and dated scenes. For those of you longing for Christmas past, this is the account for you.

Followers: 34.2k

Check out the spike in interactions they’ve been enjoying in the run up to Christmas…

Graph by Minter.io

Don’t be a scrooge - share this with your friends to sprinkle Christmas cheer throughout the year! From the whole team at Minter.io - Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings!


Sarah Pike

Fan of tea, rock music and fluffy animals.

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