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5 Tips for your IGTV content with @loveraw

Brands on Instagram May 6, 2021

The home of long-form video content on Instagram is IGTV. This little tab can mean big potential for your brand, allowing you to crosspost original content to multiple social media platforms and show off your business in a more in-depth way on Instagram.

If you’re running low on IGTV inspo, this is the blog article for you! We’re once again looking at @loveraw and their phenomenal use of Instagram in a series dedicated to everything they are doing right.

Here are 5 things @loveraw do in every single one of their IGTV videos.

1. Feature Products

If you’re running a business and trying to boost sales through social media, it makes sense to show off your products and services. The people at @loveraw have chosen to feature their products in a series of recipes, which makes sense for their confectionary business. Think about ways you can creatively feature your products in your videos.

2. Add Music

Adding sound and music can add extra oomph to your videos. It gives your content a level of professionalism, paints a mood, sparks emotion, and adds interest that can improve viewer retention. When deciding on the music to add, there are a couple of things to consider such as fair use and copyright.

You can license music to use on multiple social media platforms through a company such as Epidemic Sound, which is pretty popular among content creators, but it comes at a cost. Alternatively, you can follow in @loveraw’s footsteps and use music which is entirely free and free of copyright. Check out @iksonmusic which is free to use on social media as long as you tag the account. There’s also @not_theking which is free to use as long as you’re not monetising the content.

3. Text Overlays

Not everyone will watch your video with the sound on. How many times have you flicked through Instagram while trying not to wake up the special someone(s) in your life? You don’t have to caption the entire video, but picking out key information is becoming increasingly popular. Text overlays are a great way to keep viewers engaged, whether the sound is blaring or muted.

Take a leaf out of @loveraw’s book by making the text overlays in your brand font and colours. This adds to the feel of your content. If one of your followers stumbled upon your content, would they recognise the brand without checking? This is a great way to think when tying your content together through branding.

4. Logo At End Of IGTV Video

Your IGTV content isn’t only for your current followers; it may also pop up on Instagram's explore page, hashtag search or be shared among friends. No matter where your content is discovered, build brand awareness by adding a branded logo to the end of your IGTV video. If a viewer has got to the end of the video, the chances are they were gripped by your content and may be open to learning more about your business. Give them that opportunity by popping a logo on the end of the video. You can even experiment with a call to action where appropriate.

@loveraw logo at the end of their IGTV content
@loveraw logo at the end of their IGTV content

5. Bring Value To The Audience

All of the above are great principles to apply to your IGTV videos, but they mean little if you aren’t bringing value to the table. Value can often fit into one of two categories: information or entertainment. The IGTV content @loveraw provides contains information in the form of creative recipes around their products. Always think about the end user when you think of providing value. What kind of information or entertainment would your audience care about, watch, share and enjoy?

Still need more ideas?

Here are a few more things to add to your IGTV videos:

  • Punchy title
  • Description featuring hashtags
  • Relevant tagged accounts
  • Videos grouped into a series
  • Preview posted to your feed
  • Visibility on Facebook

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