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How @PlayStation Is Dominating On Twitter

Brands on Twitter Aug 13, 2020

According to Unmetric, @PlayStation is the most followed brand profile on Twitter. Come with us as we delve into the techniques that help @PlayStation stay on top of the Twitter pile.

Here are 10 of the main things that make @PlayStation stand out on Twitter…

1. Stunning Graphics and Media

High quality graphics are attached to almost every tweet posted by @PlayStation, which makes sense given that their products are visual and graphic based. However, it is surprising that some brands fail to add media to their tweets given that some case studies have shown that tweets with images get 313% more engagement. Other studies claim that tweets with images are 34% more likely to get retweeted than tweets with no images.

Media in tweet by @PlayStation

2. Precision Product Focus

Being goal and business focused is a strength of the @PlayStation Twitter account. This Pinned Tweet is a featured release with minimal copy, a high-quality image and a link to the product. It entices the viewer to learn more through clicking the link, guiding them to the product that is being advertised.

Product-focused tweet by @PlayStation

3. Regular Posting

How regularly are you posting? Once a week? Once a day? PlayStation tweet multiple times a day. For example, on August the 1st they tweeted 9 times! Regular posting is one of the many things that Twitter lends itself to due to the character limit and the viewer mindset on the platform. A study run by Social Bakers found that even tweeting 50 times a day did not have any adverse effects on your account! However, social media expert Neil Patel recommends tweeting 1-5 times a day to increase audience engagement.  If you are planning tweets in advance, you might want to look into a scheduling tool that posts for you.

In the majority of their tweets, @PlayStation includes links to web pages. This goes hand-in-hand with keeping product-focused and achieving business goals. A study found that only 41% of links on Twitter get clicked on. This makes it even more important to find new ways of sharing the same link to drive traffic to the products on your website. If you want to keep your links short and sweet, look into link shorteners.

Website link in tweet by @PlayStation

5. Relevant Hashtags

For a brand with a following this big, hashtags aren’t going to be necessary in every post. However, that doesn’t mean PlayStation avoids hashtags altogether. To reach relevant audiences for announcements and cultural events, @PlayStation uses hashtags in selected tweets.

Hashtag in tweet by @PlayStation

PlayStation also uses hashtags for its own releases. This is a way to start a conversation and keep track of consumer and community tweets.

Hashtag in tweet by @PlayStation

You can track the hashtags that are most effective for your brand using the optimisation feature on Minter.io.

Most Effective Tags graph by Minter.io

6. Relevant Questions

Asking relevant questions to your following encourages engagement, but it's also the perfect opportunity for market research. PlayStation uses polls to instigate consumer feedback.

Tweet featuring poll by @PlayStation

PlayStation also gathers information through tweets posing statements like this one.

Tweet encouraging engagement by @PlayStation

How can you encourage communication with your audience in a fun and interactive way?

7. Retweeting Game Profiles

Retweeting is one of the staples of Twitter. It allows you to post content from other profiles and increases the community and social essence of the platform. According to Webbiquity, ‘When you help your follows discover new knowledge and information, you become a valued information source and build trust’.

PlayStation retweets information that is highly relevant to its audience; information such as new games and gaming releases.

Retweet by @PlayStation

8. Captivating Copy

As important as it is to be informative to achieve your business goals, it also pays to grab the reader’s attention with creative copy. Check out how @PlayStation uses puns as a humorous twist to their informative tweets.

9. Teasing Releases

Using social media to tease releases is a great way to quickly spread the message while gauging consumer sentiment. PlayStation is teasing this game with limited information, a date, hashtag and an image.

Release teaser by @PlayStation

Combining these elements creates a campaign with just enough information for it to be useful to both the brand and the audience, and just enough mystery for it to be compelling. It also invites followers to check back for additional info as the release draws near.

Tracking the follower sentiment rate through the mentions feature on Minter.io and checking for significant spikes and dips is a way you can see how your audience feels about your releases and teasers.

Mention Sentiment Rate graph by Minter.io

10. Audio Teasers

Using media to upload an audio teaser as a short video is an inventive use of Twitter. It just goes to show that you can tease and advertise any kind of information or release if you put a creative spin on it.

Audio podcast teaser by @PlayStation

Whatever the size of your Twitter audience, you don’t have to be a globally recognised brand to make use of these techniques. Growing the quality of your online presence through consistent quality and commitment, and tracking your progress and optimising your Twitter activity with an analytical tool such as Minter.io, can see your business develop.

Check out Minter.io for more details today.


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