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5 top Christmas Twitter accounts

Brands on Twitter Dec 16, 2021
5 top Christmas Twitter accounts

…and their secrets to success you can use any time of year.

The festive season is upon us and the seasonal Twitter accounts are back in action. We’re unwrapping 5 top Christmas Twitter accounts, gifted with lessons for businesses to enjoy all year round.

1.  Christmas Movies!

Christmas Movies! (@XmasFilmQuotes) is a Twitter account dedicated to celebrating the best Christmas movies and TV specials of all time.

Top Christmas Twitter profile Christmas Movies! @XmasFilmQuotes
Twitter profile Christmas Movies! @XmasFilmQuotes

Smashing It Like A Snowball

Clear Niche

What you see is what you get. This account’s niche is crystal clear and is echoed through their banner, profile picture, name, Twitter handle and bio copy. This makes it easy for viewers to know exactly what they can expect from this profile’s tweets.
Can new viewers tell at first glace what your Twitter account is about? Make sure your messaging is coherent across your banner, profile image, name, Twitter handle and bio.

Pinned Tweet & Interactivity

Christmas Movies! has included a fun pinned tweet, with a thread of interactive tweets attached which remains consistent with the niche. What better way to present an audience with festive fun, cheer and maybe even a little cheeky debate.

Polls are a fantastic tool for encouraging interactivity and audience building. What kind of polls and games could be relevant to your audience? Experiment with ideas and roll with the ones your audience enjoys the most.

2.  Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown (@ChristmasCount) has the primary focus of leading the countdown of the days leading to Christmas. Think of it as your online advent calendar.

Top Christmas Twitter profile Christmas Countdown @ChristmasCount
Twitter profile Christmas Countdown @ChristmasCount

Holy Emoji

What really stands out about this account is its inventive use of emojis. This catches the eye when spotted in a Twitter feed and makes the tweet noticeable, exciting and sharable.

Unleash your creativity and make every tweet a tweet worth sharing. How can you use emojis in creative ways to grab attention and boost your engagement?

3. Christmas

Christmas (@christmas) is one of the most basic Christmas accounts there is, so how has it got over 87 thousand followers?

Top Christmas Twitter profile @Christmas
Twitter profile @Christmas

Iconic As Santa

This account has attracted attention through nabbing that great @christmas handle. If you can get the Twitter handle perfect for your business - secure it today! The easier you can make it for your customers to find you and tag you, the better.

4. Santa Claus

Santa Claus (@OfficialSanta) delivers letters from Santa. What a way to spread Christmas cheer!

Top Christmas Twitter profile Santa Claus @OfficialSanta
Twitter profile Santa Claus @OfficialSanta

Bring The Magic To Life

Santa Claus sprinkles magic all over its Twitter account through regularly using imagery and GIFs. Media use is sure to grab that extra bit of attention while scrolling through a feed.

What kind of media are you adding to your tweets? Spark your creativity and light up your profile with GIFs, videos and images for more engagement on your posts.

5. U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree

U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree (@USCapitolTree) is all about building and celebrating community at the most wonderful time of the year.

Top Christmas Twitter profile U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree @USCapitolTree
Twitter profile U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree @USCapitolTree

Rocking Around The Christmas Tree

U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree builds community through retweets and quote tweets. By putting people at the heart of this Twitter profile, it puts the humanity back into the online space this holiday season.

How can you invite your audience to be part of the story? Encourage user-generated content through a fresh campaign or an annual campaign to be anticipated each year, for more content to retweet and growth through word-of-mouth marketing.

Did you know: Twitter has a Business Christmas Hub, helping you to make the perfect Christmas campaign for your audience.

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