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10 Examples Of Exceptional Twitter Copy

Twitter Marketing Dec 10, 2020

Written copy, across your social media platforms, acts as the voice of your brand. This is why it plays an important role in getting your message across to the right people. You can portray a lot in 280 characters; whether your brand is playful, professional, witty, bold, impactful, discreet… or a mix of several. Your copy gives clues as to what customers can expect from your business.

If we delve a little more into detail about written copy, asking questions, adding links, carefully selecting or excluding hashtags, use of capitalisation and presenting promotions with urgency can have a profound impact on how your audience interacts with your tweets.

We’ve scoured Twitter to find 10 examples of excellent Twitter copy, to give you some ideas for your own written wizardry…

1. Sticker Mule

This custom sticker company has thrown themselves into social media. The great thing about their copy is that it addresses the way people use Twitter, instead of focusing on products and services. Sticker Mule has built a Twitter following based on their cultural, comical interactions on the platform. This, in turn, builds brand awareness and keeps followers eagerly following their account and looking forward to their next funny, witty tweet. When Sticker Mule wants input towards their business, has a promotion or releases new products, the audience is already loving what they stand for, through the value they have already given the audience on the platform.

These tweets below beg for interaction and opinion from the audience, making them highly likely to attract engagement.

2. Aviation Gin

Trends go viral for a reason: they’re easy to get involved in. The ‘wrong answers only’ trend encourages your audience to be creative in their responses and gives everyone a giggle. Using your copy to jump on a trend helps to get your brand and audience involved in the conversation.

Tweet by @AviationGin based on a Twitter trend
Tweet by @AviationGin

It would have been very easy to couple this image from Aviation American Gin with copy about how potential customers should get in a bottle for autumn. However, thinking outside the box has gained a lot of conversation on this single tweet.

3. Burberry

Looking at a more textbook example of a tweet, we turn to Burberry. When we look at Twitter’s own tips for writing tweets, Twitter recommends not using all capitals, creating a sense of urgency, not using more than 2 hashtags and adding a link to the website. Burberry does all of the above when writing copy, as seen in the example below.

Tweet by @Burberry containing Twitter best practices
Tweet by @Burberry

4. Victorias Secret

As well as being fun and charming, this little piece of copy from Victoria’s Secret subtly encourages more sales by suggesting buying items for yourself while shopping for others. With a direct link to the website, you don’t have to look very far to get shopping.

Tweet by @VictoriasSecret with copy encouraging more sales
Tweet by @VictoriasSecret

5. Wendys

Wendys has long been known for picking whimsical online squabbles with everyone from Dunkin’ Donuts to McDonald’s. Interacting with other accounts is a huge part of what makes Wendy’s copy so full of banter.

Tweet by @Wendys interacting with other businesses on Twitter
Tweet by @Wendys

When it comes to creating copy without the backchat, this tongue-in-cheek tweet is true to form and refers to Twitter adding ‘Fleets’, which are the Twitter version of Instagram stories. Extremely culturally relevant, and directly influenced by Twitter, this copy struck a chord with other Twitter users; a nifty move to get the Twitter community talking. But it also tells people about the Wendy’s app, which is a nice little bit of product promotion through having their finger on Twitter’s pulse and creating copy in conjunction with knowing the platform.

Culturally relevant tweet by @Wendys
Tweet by @Wendys

6. Boots

Twitter copy doesn’t have to be extensive, and there are numerous examples of one-liners doing well. Boots opted for a a statement followed by a question… and questions require answers. This is one of the simplest ways to encourage engagement. With this tweet, Boots are tagging along on the excitement of Christmas and reminding people to get their shopping in while perusing their brand.

Tweet by @BootsUK including a question to encourage engagement
Tweet by @BootsUK

7. Microsoft

The giant that is Microsoft has mastered the relevant and lovable tweet. In the tweets below we can see how Microsoft captures office culture impeccably, which is highly relevant to their brand, while sharing the very human side of workplaces using their digital products. During a time when many are working from home and joining in work meeting through group video calls, Microsoft updated its approach on Twitter by making these highly amusing and relatable tweets.

8. NASA Solar System

The Planetary Science Division of NASA has its own Twitter account, and they’re using it to take their audience out of this world. What I like about this copy is that it’s universal while providing an opportunity for education. Also, the emojis add a little something to make the well-respected company embrace a little fun. With several links to click, and clear labelling, you have several opportunities to explore your curiosity.

Tweet by @NASASolarSystem providing educational information and multiple links
Tweet by @NASASolarSystem

9. Dominos

Putting a hand clap emoji between each word is a modern trend to hammer home an important point, coined by millennials to get extra attention when trying to get their point across. Dominos prove that even the world’s largest pizza brand can create quirky content that is culturally relevant.

Tweet by @dominos including a modern trend coined by millennials
Tweet by @dominos

10. Charmin

While the puns may be a bit cringey, you can’t deny how on-brand the toilet paper company Charmin is. Using humorous play-on-word tweets to build brand awareness, we learn that only a few words can be all the Twitter copy you need.

Tweet by @Charmin using a humorous pun to build brand awareness
Tweet by @Charmin

We hope these examples of businesses tweets help you to write your own spectacular copy, so you can connect with your audience in an even more effective way. For more social media marketing tips for business, check out more of our blog articles, and if you’re ready to track your progress on social media, head on over to Minter.io to see how we can help you.


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