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3 Unforgettable TikTok playlist ideas (and how to make your own)

Twitter Marketing Mar 14, 2024
3 Unforgettable TikTok playlist ideas (and how to make your own)

Get more views, encourage binge-watching sessions and make your best content eternally discoverable with TikTok playlists. Content in a playlist plays one after another, making it seamless to settle in for a binge-session from a favourite brand or creator. Placing your TikTok videos into a series ensures they secure a premium spot on your TikTok profile, making them easy to find, save, share and return to. Using this feature is incredibly worthwhile so we want to share some of the best playlist ideas currently gracing the platform. Grab some inspiration and grow the greatest playlists possible to boost your business on TikTok.

Here are 3 unforgettable TikTok playlist ideas…

1. National Geographic - Behind The Photo

This collection of TikTok videos shows the stories behind and around the iconic images photographed for National Geographic, alongside the brilliant minds of the photographers behind the incredible shots. Like a mix of how-to and behind-the-scenes content, woven together with masterful storytelling, Behind The Photo is a visually stunning showcase of how several incredibly talented photographers captured some of the best shots of their lives. Sharing everything from weather conditions to camera settings, locations and special permissions, the Behind The Photo series is a lovingly crafted story-sharing series which is a must-watch playlist for budding photographers and fully-fledged adventure seekers alike.

Showcasing specialist skills, sharing captivating stories and offering helpful advice to your audience are three ways you can create a spellbinding playlist like National Geographic

2. Adobe - Poster Redesign: Max Kolo

This superbly artistic, lovable series was requested by a member of the audience and Adobe delivered. Poster Redesign: Max Kolo is a lighthearted, fun series that showcases the versatility of designing with Adobe products in the most heart-warming way. Artist Max Kolomatsky took to the streets of New York to redesign signs and posters to give more attention to unknown but seemingly worthwhile causes. From a man with a van to a goth band looking for new members, a pick up your dog poop sign and a cleaning service, Max Kolo added bright and bold splashes to original posters found on the streets. 

The make-up of all the videos in this playlist is pretty much the same. The location, the ideas, the layout of the storyline, the gentle jazz background music, the whimsical voiceover, the text overlay font, colour and position and the use of Adobe products follow the same pattern. All the TikTok videos in this playlist feature a before and after element, drawing viewers in to watch all the way until the end. When something works, rinse and repeat for fan satisfaction and massive views. 

3. Red Bull - F1 drivers ⚡

Red Bull has long been notorious for its outside-the-box marketing. A simple energy drinks company has grown into a brand synonymous with extreme sports and adventure. The playlist F1 drivers ⚡ takes people at the top of their sport and puts them in unlikely scenarios. From an F1 racing car getting ticketed, to a giant game of 10-pin bowling, thinking outside the box is the key to this playlist’s success.

By taking a product or people and placing it/them into an unlikely situation, you can create humorous and entertaining content like this playlist by Red Bull. While this brand takes things to extremes, anything put into an unlikely context is likely to catch attention and remain memorable.

5 reasons to add playlists to your TikTok profile

  1. Playlists are positioned above the TikTok videos on a profile, making them easy to find and return to. This premium position is the perfect place to shine a spotlight on content that deserves to be watched, without the viewer needing to scroll through an entire profile’s worth of content to find the best moments.
TikTok playlists are positioned above the profile's video content
TikTok playlist position on profile

2. Watching TikTok videos in a playlist makes it possible for fans to binge their favourite content. When one video ends, the playlist automatically continues to the next TikTok video in the playlist. When the playlist ends, the final TikTok video in the series continues playing until the viewer exits the playlist, so they’re not catapulted into any content they didn’t strap in for.

3. Playlists allow for flexible watching. When tapping on a playlist for the first time, the first video will start playing. However, viewers can choose which video to start from and scroll through and skip TikTok videos at will.

4. Playlists state how many parts (or videos) are in the playlists, helping to set expectations as viewers settle in for a binge session.

5. Instead of saving or sharing a single TikTok video, fans can save and share entire playlists. This is great news for getting more views on more than one TikTok video.

Save and share entire playlists instead of a single TikTok video
Save and share a TikTok playlist

How to create your own TikTok playlists

Playlists aren’t currently available for every profile to create them. According to vistasocial, creators must have at least 10,000 followers to access the playlist feature. If you’re not quite there yet, focus on growing your following first to unlock more features. Note: You can only create a playlist with your public videos. If the playlist feature is available to you, here’s how to access it.

How to make a playlist from your profile:

  1. Open the TikTok app and tap on ‘Profile’ in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.  
  2. In the Videos tab, tap ‘Sort videos into playlists’.
  3. Name the playlist and add videos. 

How to make a playlist from a video:

  1. Open the TikTok app and go to your video that you want to use to create a playlist.
  2. Tap the three dots on the right-hand side of the screen or press and hold on the video.
  3. Tap ‘Add to playlist’.
  4. Select ‘Create a playlist’.
  5. Name your playlist and add videos.

We hope these tips get TikTok playlists working for you. For more ways to grow your brand on TikTok, check out Minter.io - the social media analytics tool for businesses online.

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