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How to reply to a comment with a TikTok video

TikTok Marketing Apr 17, 2023
How to reply to a comment with a TikTok video

Have you ever seen a TikTok video of someone responding to a specific comment? This nifty little engagement feature has the potential to explode new life and creativity into connecting with your community on TikTok. This could help you forge deeper connections, show off your personality and get imaginative with your responses, all while building shiny, fresh content in the process.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to reply to a comment with a brand new TikTok video. We’ll also share how brands and businesses use this feature to connect with their communities and elevate their content.

Let’s dive in…

Reply to a comment with a new TikTok video

It’s really simple to use the video response feature. With just a few button taps, you’ll be creating your own video replies!

Here’s how:

  1. Choose a comment on one of your TikTok videos.
  2. Tap ‘Reply’ underneath the comment.
  3. Tap the record icon next to the text box.

That’s it!

Change the size and placement of the comment

Now that you know how to access this innovative feature, it’s time to customise it. The comment you’re replying to will appear on your new video. You can adjust the comment sticker only after recording your reply.

Once you’ve finished recording:

  1. Touch and drag the comment to change its location on the screen.
  2. Then use 2 fingers to pinch and pull the comment to make it bigger or smaller.
  3. You can also use 2 fingers on the screen to rotate the comment.

Edit how long the comment stays on the screen

You can decide how long you want the comment to be on the screen, and set it to appear at a particular moment in the video. This is ideal if your video covers several topics and the comment is only relevant to part of the video, or if the comment is distracting when layered across the whole video.

To do this:

  1. Tap on the comment.
  2. Then tap ‘Set duration’.
  3. Drag each end of the red bar at the bottom of the screen to determine when the comment appears in the video.

4. Click the play button to preview the TikTok video.

5. When you’re happy with your changes, tap the tick in the bottom right-hand corner.

The description of your video reply will automatically link to the original comment. The words ‘Replying to’ accompany the original commenter’s profile name which links to the comment on the original piece of content. You cannot remove this.

The comment sticker on the video reply also links to the original comment. If a viewer taps on the comment sticker, they can tap ‘See comment’ which will take them to the original video with the comment in the replies.

Tap on the comment sticker to see the original comment
The comment sticker links to the original video with the comment

You can delete the comment sticker altogether when editing the video response. You can do this by dragging the comment sticker upwards towards the ‘Delete’ icon. This will remove the link to the original comment and turn your video into a regular TikTok video, without the response feature.

Remove the comment sticker to remove the links and response feature
Delete the comment sticker to turn your video in a regular TikTok video

How brands video reply to comments

It’s really simple to reply to a comment with a TikTok video, but the possibilities for producing inventive content as a result are limitless. Here are some ways brands are using TikTok comment video replies…

Give the people what they want

Cookie brand @lastcrumb saw the comments and delivered what the people were asking for, but it didn’t stop there. This TikTok response video combines a whirlwind of techniques to swirl the viewer into a psychological sugar rush. It's not clear whether the people featured in this video are influencers or customers who just looooove the product, but they all had so much praise for the product the commenter was shouting about. This is bound to make the original commenter feel the love, while leaving new viewers wondering what the fuss is all about.

While flashing the goods in front of the camera, this product-led response didn’t just shine a spotlight on a fan - it put its own product centre stage. Talk about taking the biscuit…

Show your fans that you’re listening

Footwear brand @vessi used a comment response video to show its audience that it listens to the wants of the customers. This TikTok response video revealed a big step forward for the company, as it shared the opening of a store. In conjunction with responding to the comment, @vessi builds excitement with some clues as to its store’s opening date, without giving away every detail. Let’s hope it doesn’t put its foot in it…

Clear up confusion

Makeup brand @elfyeah used a response video to explain one of its products in more detail. It uploaded a stitch video too in some sort of TikTok inception. The response video explained everything in a lot of detail that would have been long and messy in a text response, while a stitch showed the power of the product. You just can’t make it up…

Responding to comments using video responses can help you do a number of vital things. It can help you provide in-depth explanations, build excitement, strengthen connections with audience members, show that you’re listening and caring about the fans and enable you to flex your creativity even more. We hope you use them to grow a bigger, more brilliant following for your business on TikTok.

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