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18 Top TikTok playlist ideas

Twitter Marketing May 3, 2024

Make your TikTok playlists pop for more watch timeengagement and binge sessions. With these top 18 TikTok playlist ideas, you’ll be inspired to create bigger, better, more brilliant playlists in no time.

1. Harness handy hacks

Playlist inspiration: @lululemon - lululemon Hacks

Activewear brand lululemon huddles together helpful hacks without breaking a sweat. From gym tips to outfit advice, the lululemon Hacks playlist bends over backwards to give followers the best fitness fixes.

Run with a hacks playlist to showcase your expertise while giving your audience shareable, savvy suggestions worth saving. 

2. Put your passion in prime position

Playlist inspiration: @gordonramsayofficial - Recipes

The man who only needs one playlist for all the tasty stuff. The Recipes playlist by Gordon Ramsay gets straight to the gooey centre of what he’s all about. While his profile is filled with duetsstitches, promos and a whole load of fun, if you’re here for the seriously good food the brand promises, the Recipes playlist is the place to tuck in.

No matter what your brand is passionate about, put that passion in a prominent position on your TikTok profile with a playlist. How-to guides are digestible pieces of content your audience will gobble up.

3. Bring followers behind the scenes

Playlist inspiration: @urbanoutfitters - #BTSwithUO

Fashion brand Urban Outfitters dresses down with a behind-the-scenes playlist. From photoshoots to outfit checks, the #BTSwithUO playlist shows the faces and figures behind the fashion.

There’s nothing quite like stripping back the layers and showing what’s under the surface to humanise a brand. Let your followers peak behind the curtain to make them feel like they are a part of the family.

4. Become a fountain of inspiration

Playlist inspiration: @homedepot - Decor Inspo

Home Depot provides more products than you can shake a shovel at. The Decor Inspo playlist invites imaginations to run wild by showing what’s possible with the products up for grabs.

Inspire your audience to take action and make purchases by showing your products at their best. Whether you provide one product or thousands, help the viewer visualise it in their world with a powerful playlist designed to delight.

5. Showcase events

Playlist inspiration: @bbcradio1 - BIG WEEKEND

Events are created to be enjoyed and they don’t get much bigger than music festivals hosting some of the hottest stars on the planet. BBC Radio 1 brings live performances from the big stage to the little screen in your pocket with the BIG WEEKEND TikTok playlist - a go-to for music lovers.

Create buzz and share memories by building a playlist around your best brand events. Use them to connect with people who were there, build hype for upcoming events and invite your audience onto your stage.

6. Take on challenges

Playlist inspiration: @lego - LEGO Botanicals Challenge

If any brand knows how to build a TikTok playlist it’s LEGO. Don’t be a square - block out some time to check out the Lego playlist LEGO Botanicals Challenge. This playlist builds buzz around a blooming good social media challenge which rounds out the perception of a beloved brand.

Challengesgiveaways and competitions are part of the fun on TikTok. Boost eyeballs on yours with a playlist dedicated to your current call to action.

7. Give in to games

Playlist inspiration: @buzzfeed - Name The Celebrity

TikTok is arguably the most interactive social media platform out there and BuzzFeed buys into this by creating games for all to play. The playlist Name The Celebrity encourages fans to figure out who the famous face belongs to as snapshots show up on the screen. Viewers can play along before the big reveal.

Create a fun interactive experience with your TikTok playlists by bringing playful TikToks for all to enjoy.

8. Hone in on humour

Playlist inspiration: @primevideo - Stand Up

If you’re looking for a laugh, the best giggles are reserved for the Prime Video playlist Stand Up. But you don’t need literal comedians in your content to make a playlist full of laughs. There are plenty of viral sounds, clips, stitchesduets and trends waiting for you to add your own funny take to them - no comedy classes needed.

Humour humanises brands by transforming stuffy corporate suits into relatable friendly faces and offering an environment an audience can relax into. Whatever your style of humour, a playlist is the perfect place to plate up lols.

9.  Strike with seasonal content

Playlist inspiration: @starbucks - Spring Sips

New seasons bring new flavour combinations and Starbucks serves up the good stuff with seasonal playlist Spring Sips. Peruse the playlist like a menu and let your senses revel in the delights springtime brings.

Whether it’s sun cream season or umbrella weather, you can dedicate playlists to the latest trends and treats from your business.

Playlist inspiration: @manscaped - OUR MOST POPULAR TIKTOKS

Your most viewed TikTok videos deserve celebrating with a playlist like OUR MOST POPULAR TIKTOKS by men’s grooming brand MANSCAPED. Here you’ll find the brand’s best cuts with hundreds of thousands to millions of views on each video. Trim the fluff and put forward your best side with a playlist dedicated to your biggest crowd pleasers.

Group together your most popular TikTok videos in a playlist so new viewers and fans can find the best-performing videos easily.

11. Embrace the platform

Playlist inspiration: @lowes - Tiktok Made Me Buy It

Tip the proverbial hat to TikTok users by tailoring a playlist specifically to the platform. Lowe’s home improvement brand does this in its single playlist Tiktok Made Me Buy It. With references to the ‘For You Page’ and products that have gone viral on TikTok, viewers will be quoting the playlist name when their new favourite items enter their homes.

Create a playlist that puts TikTok front and centre by mentioning TikTok and its features in your selected videos. You can use TikTok playlists to showcase products in a way that develops your community on TikTok and encourages more sales.

12. Team up to win

Playlist inspiration: @target - Ballin on a Budget

What’s better than making quality content? Getting other people to make it for you. This is the bullseye retailer Target scored with playlist Ballin on a Budget. Tagging in multiple creators throughout the playlist, Target stacks up trust, community and content in one big hit.

Whether you aim for user-generated content or collaborations, a playlist full of other people approving and using your products is the word-of-mouth marketing hack we all need in our lives. 

13. Show off your star products

Playlist inspiration: @ducati - Scrambler Ducati

Put some horsepower behind your biggest crowd pleasers like Italian motorcycle manufacturing company Ducati. The playlist Scrambler Ducati wheels out a signature series of choppers - an ideal place for fans of these models to gather, marvel and chat about their favourite bikes.

Whatever your business, show off your signature staples in a playlist. This provides space for fans to interact with content about the best stuff, offering more opportunities for additional engagement along the way.

14. Share secrets to be discovered

Playlist inspiration: @discord - Discord Easter Eggs

The tasty term ‘Easter eggs’ can refer to hidden surprises or extra features included in something - like waking up on Easter morning to find chocolate eggs hidden in the garden. Software, movies, TV shows and video games are most well-known for hiding little surprises to be discovered. Discord created TikTok playlist Discord Easter Eggs dedicated to revealing the cryptic secrets embedded in its instant messaging platform.

Are there hidden gems to be found in your products? Perhaps there are hacks or features that are less than obvious upon first look. Sharing them in a playlist can delight fans as they learn what to look out for and share with their friends.

Playlist inspiration: @microsoft - ASMR

When you think of ASMR, the beep boop of an old computer or the dial up tone of the internet of the 90s probably doesn’t spring to mind… but that’s all part of the fun. Microsoft connected with one of the biggest internet cultural trends by programming in a playlist called ASMR, embracing the juxtaposition of its brand and a massive topic on TikTok.

There are plenty of trends to choose from when creating your own playlist. Hit the trending page to discover the latest videos going viral.

16. Peak beyond the products

Playlist inspiration: @waterstones - Authors

Swap scrolling for page flipping with the Waterstones playlist Authors. These TikTok videos welcome the audience to dive beyond the pages of their favourite books and into the minds of the writers. This is different from a classic behind-the-scenes playlist as it features the people who make the products but who don’t work directly for the company.

Let your audience into question and answer sessions for a similar vibe to this playlist.

17. Release upcoming previews

Playlist inspiration: @xbox - Coming to Game Pass

We all love a sneak peak into up and coming releases and Xbox has this nailed with the playlist Coming to Game Pass. With new features and game releases, this regularly updated playlist is eternally relevant for game fans everywhere.

Build hype by sharing information early and make your TikTok playlist one worth saving and returning to. 

18. Make memories with memes

Playlist inspiration: @papermagazine - Memes

Embrace the spirit of the internet with the communication style of this century. PAPER Magazine’s playful playlist Memes shows pop culture at its most fun. For the chronically online and casual viewers alike, a playlist of memes should not be overlooked.

Grab attention and get the giggles flowing with your own take on popular internet formats.

Now you have all the inspiration you need to get your own TikTok playlists popping. Learn how to create your own TikTok playlist here (it has 3 additional ideas for you to steal) and when you’re ready, head to Minter.io for more help growing your business on social media.

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