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Impressive Games on Instagram (and how to create your own)

Instagram Marketing Apr 8, 2020

Are you looking for unique ways to creatively promote your brand? We’ve sieved through Instagram to find creative games, providing interactivity for your audience in a novel way.

Creative games can be used for:

  • Growing brand awareness
  • Launching a product
  • Entertaining your audience
  • Breathing new life into established products
  • Sharing discounts and collectables
  • Educating

    …or a mixture of the above.

Check out these super cool games for some inspiration.

Rick and Morty’s ‘Rickstaverse’

This first game blows everything I thought I knew about being creative on Instagram out of the water. That is exactly the kind of thing you want to do if you want to get noticed and remembered!

Rick and Morty Rickstaverse Instagram game advertisement
Check out the promo video aired on YouTube

The Rickstaverse game was promotion for a new season of the TV show ‘Rick and Morty’. The game took advantage of the tag function in Instagram and spanned multiple accounts.

@rickandmortyrickstaverse Instagram profile (start point of the Instagram game)
@rickandmortyrickstaverse Instagram profile (start point of the game)

Players searched the account images for tags to different accounts to unlock exclusive clips, collectables and more. Reportedly, this quest spanned ‘across 80 linked Instagram accounts to find secret collectibles in order to get access to exclusive content.’

While most of the tags and accounts have now been removed (you can see from the original imagery below that the version of Instagram has since been updated), some of the artwork remains.

Rick and Morty Rickstaverse Instagram gam - image from SocialMediaToday
Image from SocialMediaToday

Reebok’s Hunt For The Pump

The innovative concept of spreading a game across multiple Instagram accounts was also used by Reebok for product promotion. Users went for a ‘virtual run’ across San Francisco. The hidden logo in each account took users to the next account in the game, and the finish line gave players the opportunity to win the 'ZPump’.

Reekbok's Hunt For The Pump Instagram game - image from SocialMediaToday
Image from SocialMediaToday

Although the starting account is no longer accessible, the ‘finish line’ account stands proud as a memento of the game.

Instagram account featured in Reebok's 'Hunt for the Pump' Instagram game
Instagram account featured in Reebok's 'Hunt for the Pump' game

While making several accounts with intricate imagery across them may be time (and budget) consuming, there are many more simple ways to create interactive games for your followers to play. Here are some more simple games that you can create in an afternoon.

Huel Selector

The ‘Huel Selector’ is a game using Instagram stories to promote products and inspire followers to try different ways of Huel use. The game flicks through Huel products, extras you can add to them and a method of preparation, leaving the player with an experimental recipe.

The thing I really liked about this game is that the team at Huel took the recipes their followers had landed on, made them and filmed other members of the team trying them out! This was a fun way to encourage more game play and increase the levels of fun!

Find more way Huel are smashing it on Instagram in this blog.

Museum Quizzes

Although an entertaining take on Instagram use, games can also be used for educational purposes. One study states, ‘There is amble evidence that supports true interactivity, both in the interface and in the presentation methodology, will further enhance learning and knowledge retention among students.’ I mean, who doesn’t think learning is more fun when you get to play at the same time?

Check out The Metropolitan Museum of Art using Instagram stories for a game of historical Trivia, by adding poll stickers to their content.

Another example of this kind of quizzing is highlighted by the Van Gogh Museum, quizzing followers about their knowledge of the life and art of this famous artist (using quiz stickers in Instagram stories).

Find more ways to use in-built interactive features on Instagram here!

We hope these games have sparked your creative bug and we look forward to seeing the unique ways you use games as promotion for your brand and businesses.

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