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How to create an effective Twitter thread

Twitter Marketing Apr 24, 2023
How to create an effective Twitter thread

When 280 characters aren't enough, Twitter threads are your best friend. Creating a Twitter thread gives you the power to write a string of linked tweets, enabling you to share more without any confusion.

Let’s look at Twitter threads: how to create them, add to them and master this feature for maximum impact…

How to create a thread on Twitter

Twitter threads are simple to navigate and waaaay too much fun to create. It’s time to weave our way through this addictive feature as we walk you through creating your very first thread…

Here’s how:

  1. Slap the big blue plus button (+) on mobile or navigate to the ‘What’s Happening?’ box on desktop to compose a fresh new tweet.
  2. Start writing a tweet. This will be the first tweet in the thread.
  3. Tap the plus icon (+) in the bottom right-hand corner of the tweet. It’s the icon next to the circle that indicates how many characters you have left to play with.
  4. Add another tweet in the thread. It’s all coming together - exciting!
  5. Tap the blue ‘Tweet all’ button once you’ve completed your thread!

You can add up to 25 tweets in a thread before publishing.

How to delete a tweet in a thread

While you’re creating a thread, you can edit or delete any tweet in the thread before publishing, without having to start from scratch. To edit a tweet in the thread, simply tap on it.

To delete a tweet in a thread:

  1. Tap on the tweet you wish to delete.
  2. Select the cross icon on the right-hand side of the tweet.
  3. Choose ‘Yes, delete’.

You can also delete a tweet within a thread once it’s published.

Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to the tweet on your profile.
  2. Select the three dots next to the tweet.
  3. Tap ‘Delete Tweet’.
  4. Confirm by choosing ‘Delete’.

If you choose to delete a tweet from a thread after it’s been published, the thread will still exist but it may show that a tweet was deleted by the Tweet author.

A notice may hold the place in a thread where a tweet was deleted
Twitter thread after a published tweet was deleted from the thread

How to add more tweets to a thread

Once you’ve published a thread, you can still continue adding more tweets to the thread.

Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to the thread on your profile.
  2. Tap on any of the tweets in the thread to open the thread.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the thread and tap ‘Add another Tweet’.

You can add a single tweet or several tweets to the thread after publishing. Use the same plus icon (+) to add more tweets before publishing.

Brands love threads

Anyone can use threads, but brands can use them to take business and interaction to the next level. Here are some brands that weave threads effortlessly into their Twitter content…


Cookie brand @Oreo milked the buzz of a recent trailer release for a new star-studded Barbie movie by spoofing the character pics. Of course, it replaced the stars of the show with the stars of the @Oreo brand. This comical use of the thread feature mixed a hot topic with mouth-watering imagery in a recipe for thread success.

Twitter thread using a current tread to boost engagement
@Oreo dunked into a hot topic in this Twitter thread


Food brand @WholeFoods has the tasty habit of creating a thread of 2 tweets. The first showcases some serious eye-candy - striking imagery to wet the tastebuds. The follow up tweet in the thread has an interactive poll relating to the first tweet. This palatable use of threads draws the viewer in with the first tweet and serves up an easy and fun way to engage with the second. It’s no wonder this strategy continually works for this brand.


The pun-derful world of technology brand @firefox puts a new spin on its use of cookies with a cookie battle. While the computer-based business is more interested in clearing your devices of nasties, it served up something much nicer in this Twitter thread. The initial tweet set the premise of a cookie battle, with an image to make it super clear. This was followed up by 4 polls, all with significant amounts of votes on them. This interactive use of the thread invited viewers to vote and return for the winner - genius.

Twitter thread with multiple polls to encourage interaction
@firefox bit off a big cookie competition thread for maximum engagement

We hope to see your inspiration peaked for thread creation on Twitter. Just make sure you track your Twitter content so you know which tweets are working best for you and your business. Get data on all the key metrics and so much more with Minter.io - the analytics tool for every business on social media. Try it today!

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