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How To Get Twitter Audience Insights

Twitter Analytics Jul 16, 2020

In January 2020, Twitter confirmed it would be doing away with the audience insights for Twitter users. Businesses had been relying on Twitter’s audience insights for the 5 years it had been available to them. Data on profile followers including demographics, purchase behaviour, mobile device usage stats etc. is useful for creating effective tweets, building social media strategies and reaching the customers that are vital for business success.

Twitter’s Alternative Audience Analytics

It is speculated that Twitter Media Studio will be further developed to provide audience analytics for Twitter. In the FAQs on Twitter Media Studio, Twitter states that this tool is not accessible to everyone, with access granted to these insights on an invite-only basis. This is clearly an oversight by the social media giant, as you can get access to the media studio and the insights included if you go directly with this link.

Current Analytics Available Via Twitter

Unfortunately, data for audience analytics are not generated for accounts with fewer than 1000 followers, meaning if you have a small business you can’t see any Twitter audience insights with this tool. Furthermore, the insights dedicated to your followers only include select pieces of data as detailed below.

Insights (Audience)

Media Studio audience insights are available to profiles with over 1000 followers on Twitter. They show you when your followers are watching videos on Twitter. These insights don’t detail when followers are watching your videos in particular. Instead they note when your followers are watching any video on Twitter.

Insights (Conversation)

Media Studio conversation insights are available to profiles with over 1000 followers on Twitter. Conversation insights are closer to the kind of insights needed to tailor tweets to your audience. They detail top tweets, hashtags and mentions, however they don’t share information on audience demographics in the same way that Twitter’s audience analytics used to.

Get More Insights With This Solution

Currently the only way to get more in-depth audience demographics is with a third-party tool such as Minter.io. Profiles with fewer than 1000 followers can also make use of this handy solution.

Minter.io offers you insights beyond the audience insights Twitter offers, alongside additional data for tweets, mentions and optimisation data.

Here are the audience analytics Minter.io currently supports for Twitter:

Total Followers

Track the growth of your total followers and easily view your total amount of followers and follower change within the selected time period. This helps you to see the general trend of maintaining and growing your amount of followers.

Total Followers graph by Minter.io
Total Followers graph by Minter.io

Growth of Total Followers

See how many followers you are gaining daily, weekly or monthly. Is your business keeping a steady rate of new followers?

Gained and Lost Followers

How many followers is your profile gaining and losing? To maintain follower growth, try to keep the amount of followers gained higher than the amount of followers lost. This visual graph makes it easy to see this information in a tangible way.

Gained and Lost Followers graph by Minter.io
Gained and Lost Followers graph by Minter.io

Total Following

See how many profiles you are following and how this amount has changed over time.

Gender of Followers

Gender of Followers graph by Minter.io
Gender of Followers graph by Minter.io

Countries and Cities Of Followers

Through a map and a bar chart, note the countries of your followers to allow you to tailor tweets to your current audience. Further craft effective tweets to the specific cities your followers are in and what is important to them.

Language of Followers

Knowing the language of your followers means you can tweet in the languages of your audience.

Language of Followers graph by Minter.io
Language of Followers graph by Minter.io

Follower/Following Ratio

The quality of your following is just as important as the quantity of followers. Do your followers have a mass following or do they follow a lot of profiles? Build a picture of who the majority of your audience are and how your business can appeal to them.

Follower/Following Ratio graph by Minter.io
Follower/Following Ratio graph by Minter.io

The more data you have to hand, the more effectively you can craft meaningful communication with the people who matter to your business. The more information you have on your audience, the better you can use Twitter as a tool to communicate, inform and drive traffic towards business growth as part of a social media plan.

Check out Minter.io today to access your Twitter and Instagram demographics, insights and additional analytical data.


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