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10 Instagram tips to steal from @goodpairdays

Instagram Marketing Sep 1, 2022
10 Instagram tips to steal from @goodpairdays

Who doesn’t want a juicy following on Instagram? When it comes to business, building a following and converting that following into customers is crucial when pursuing marketing through social media. In this article, we’re looking at the Instagram account of wine brand @goodpairdays - where smart strategies, bold branding and customer-conscious content collide and artistic aesthetics meet business brains.

We’re confident you’ll want to steal these 10 Instagram tactics from @goodpairdays

1. Get that first impression on point

The saying is true - you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. With attention spans dwindling with the progression of the digital age, you’ve got to get that first impression right and you’ve got to make it quick.

With one glance at your Instagram profile, the viewer should know who you are, what you sell and who you sell to. Let’s look at how @goodpairdays achieves this…

Your products, services and ideal customer should be obvious in your Instagram bio
@goodpairdays makes a strong first impression with a clear Instagram bio

The first line of the @goodpairdays Instagram bio states the aim of the brand clearly - discover amazing #wine. The hashtag captures attention and this sentence is partnered with a wine glass emoji to catch the eye and really hammer the message home.

The next two lines state the brand’s unique selling points - tailored to your tastes and delivered to your door. This pre-emptively answers the question, “Why should I buy from this brand?”

To top it off, there are easy ways to get in touch. Viewers can reach out with the touch of a button or swiftly head to the website. This sets a precedent for the ease of use and clarity customers can expect from the brand.

2. Swirl up a sumptuous colour palette

One of the first things that stands out is the use of colour. This brand hasn’t just opted for one colour, but a palette of about 5 key colours in shades that complement each other and keep the branding cohesive.

Use specific colours and shades as part of your business branding
@goodpairdays has a handful of key colours and shades in its branding palette

As Instagram is a highly visual social media platform that leans into photo and video content, make sure you’ve put thought into the visuals customers can expect from your brand. You don’t have to stick to just one or two colours. Perhaps pick a familiar shade or two and build a handful of signature colours from there.

3. Host highlights worth tapping

Highlights are extremely powerful in providing strong messaging and taking customers from Instagram to other webpages. Make sure yours invite a click.

Looking at @goodpairdays we can see that the imagery is bold, the colours stand out while staying on brand and the titles are short and clear.

@goodpairdays has short titles, branded colours & bold illustrations on stories highlights
@goodpairdays features short titles, branded colours and bold illustrations on highlights

Don’t forget to use your highlights to gets potential customers onto your website and perusing your products. You can use link stickers like @goodpairdays by intriguing the viewer with text before inviting them to learn more.

5. Shine the spotlight on the customer

Word-of-mouth marketing via user-generated content is a powerful tool every business should be utilising. What’s fantastic about the @goodpairdays Instagram profile is that it shows you just how inventive you can be at putting your valued customers in centre stage.

When I hopped onto the current stories posts, every single one of them was a posts of customers sharing their love of the @goodpairdays products. What a way to show potential customers the impact your products are having on so many people. It’s also a massive incentive for more customers to share the products as they will likely be shown appreciation with a stories share.

Not only does @goodpairdays share stories from people, but the main feed post is dotted with furry friends loving the products (and the packaging) too! At one point @goodpairdays even created the hashtag #petswhopair to encourage more photos of customers' furry friends.

But @goodpairdays didn’t stop there. The user-generated content even stretched to aesthetic home decor and a voting competition featuring images from customers.

When you think of wine, you might not initially think of cats and sofas, but @goodpairdays makes it work. Think about how you can be equally inventive with user-generated content and encourage more of it with incentives, competitions and hashtags.

6. Put your stamp on stories stickers

When customers share their new favourite items, make sure you have branded stickers ready for them to easily place in their stories posts. This gets the branding to more people, creates community among customers and makes your brand feel more legitimate in the online space.

Looking at the GIF stickers by @goodpairdays we can find the brand logo in multiple colours, the brand name, a depiction of the product and a cartoon of the product packaging. Maybe this could be a good place to start with your own brand stickers. Follow our guide to create your own.

Create stickers of your brand logo, name, products and packaging
@goodpairdays has created stickers of the brand logo, name, products and packaging

7. Introduce Instagrammable products (and packaging)

If you want people to shout about your products, it starts with making products worth shouting about. Smart companies develop products and packaging that people can’t help but snap and share upon receiving.

The inventive use of an array of quirky sayings, puns and adapted pop culture quotes makes the appeal of posting to social media irresistible. Some customers have gone as far as to collect the packaging!

8. Grab attention with adverts

Time for a bit of honesty... I first heard about @goodpairdays through an advert that popped up on my Instagram and it grabbed my attention. Some key elements made it appealing which included showing the beautifully crafted products in video form, coupling the advert with music and overlaying the incentive of a free tumbler set throughout the entire video.

Instagram has the benefit of drawing from the targeted advertising power of Meta (formerly Facebook). If you can create a high-quality advert and target the right audience for your products or services, this can be a real asset for drawing in new potential customers.

9. Mix up your posts

Sharing a variety of different content styles is a strategy that @goodpairdays taps into. Content shared includes useful information, product details, humorous memes, relatable content, nods to pop culture and aesthetic photography… all beautifully displayed and on brand. Not only does this keep things interesting for the audience but it casts a wide net to cover a range of interests.

Here are some examples of the kinds of posts @goodpairdays swirls into its content strategy…

Informative carousels

Aesthetic images

Text-heavy fact-filled posts

TV series memes

Internet memes

Pair pop culture memes with relevant themes
Relevant meme centred around the @goodpairdays products and viral content

Notice how the inspiration behind the content may change but the styles all fit together and complement each other.

10. Sprinkle with seasoning

Whatever time of year it is and wherever you’re based in the world, there are always opportunities to pepper your posts with seasonal content. Not only will this fill the feed with new inspiration, you’ll be connecting with your customers around celebrations many of us are participating in.

To be honest, I’m not sure whether they’ve made up this next one…

Share relevant international days like @goodpairdays

There you have it - 10 strategies definitely worth stealing! While you’re implementing these techniques into your social media strategy, make sure you tailor them to your business and your audience. Get all the data on this through Minter.io - the social media analytics tool for every business’ toolbox.

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