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5 Ways to drive traffic from Facebook to your website

Facebook Marketing Sep 9, 2021
5 Ways to drive traffic from Facebook to your website - Minter.io Blog

Building an audience on social media is a fantastic way to connect and engage with people who love your brand. However, business doesn’t stop there. Without monetising your brand, Facebook likes become vanity metrics. If you want to turn interest into sales, you might be looking to encourage your Facebook fans to go beyond social media and towards your own website.

Today we’ll be sharing examples from footwear brand Xtreme. This brand puts into practice 5 fundamental ways to encourage a Facebook audience to check out your website (and hopefully hit the check out with a full basket while they’re there).

1. Call To Action Button

One of the first viewable things on your Facebook page is your CTA button. It’s big and bright blue too - so it stands out! There are many options to choose from when setting up this button, so if your aim is to get your audience onto your website, make sure your button links to your website.

Xtreme Facebook page with CTA (call to action) button 'Shop on Website'
Xtreme Facebook page with CTA button 'Shop on Website'

If you haven’t set up your page button, use this guide for setting your Facebook page up for success. Once you’ve set it up, make sure to test it. Nothing puts off a potential customer like a broken link.

2. About Section

The about section is a logical place for a viewer on Facebook to go to for more information about your business. What’s more, this information isn’t only viewable from the ‘About’ tab, but it appears as one of the first sections when scrolling. Make sure you’ve added your website to your about section, as this is where people will be looking for it. You can edit this vital information directly from the ‘About’ tab on your Facebook page.

Xtreme Facebook about section with link to website
Xtreme Facebook about section with link to website

Remember, sometimes simplicity is key for this section, as explained in this review of a successful brand using Facebook.

3. Post Description

When uploading content to Facebook, don’t forget to add a call to action to your copy. Directing the viewer to your website can be relevant to a vast amount of posts including: product images, events, business ethos, awards and celebrations, opening times, promotional offers, new releases and so much more.

Xtreme Facebook post with link to product within description text and tagged shop product
Xtreme Facebook post with link to product within description text

Don’t forget to add a link in your description to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to find your website.

4. Advertising Button

There are a huge amount of possibilities when creating adverts on Facebook and driving traffic to your website is certainly one of them. When creating a new advertising campaign, you can select ‘get more website visitors’ as an advertising goal. This allows you to add a button to your advert which links directly to your desired web page. Add a link within the descriptive text too for extra goal focus.

Xtreme Facebook advert (ad) with link to website in the copy and a call-to-action button
Xtreme Facebook advert with link to website in the copy and a call-to-action button

New to ad creation? Check out this simple ad creation guide to get you started.

5. Shop Feature and Tab

If you sell physical products, you can have a shop tab or the shop feature on your Facebook page and you can use this as an opportunity to get potential customers onto your website. Linking each product to the relevant page on your website makes it simple to guide shoppers to purchase completion.

Xtreme Facebook shop feature with ‘View on Website’ button on product pages
Xtreme Facebook shop feature with‘View on Website’ button on product pages

If you’re interested in adding a shop to your Facebook page, check out this guide for changing your page tabs.

We hope these 5 tips help make it easy for you to point more potential buyers to your products in a way that translates to further business success. For audience analytics and in-depth information about your presence on Facebook, aiming to improve your business online, get Minter.io today!

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