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A year in review at Minter.io 2021

Product updates Dec 31, 2021
A year in review at Minter.io 2021

It’s that week again where no-one knows what day of the week it is, we’re all feeling like stuffed turkey sandwiches and the December jingles are still rolling around our mince pie filled heads. Now that we’ve unwrapped the prezzies, let’s wrap up another year and look back at the shiny new delights we brought to our social media analytics tool in 2021…

Two-factor authentication

We kicked off the year with an extra layer of security for your Minter.io account. Your information is safe and sound with a unique code needed to complete the login process. You can turn on two-factor authentication in your account settings.

Disconnects notification area

Don’t you just love it when things get a little clearer? We do. That’s why we created a notifications area - to make it super clear if a social profile gets disconnected. That way, you can reconnect a profile and get back on the data train asap.

Disconnects notifications area for social profiles at Minter.io
Disconnects notifications area at Minter.io

Hourly updates

In February, we upped our update game with hourly updates for tweets, Facebook posts and competitor media. Oh, but we didn’t just stop there. A mere month later we added hourly updates for Instagram posts, Instagram stories and ads for Twitter and Facebook. This is available on our Gold, Platinum and Agency plans and free trials. Data is automatically refreshed hourly.

Follower change for media

Wouldn’t it be useful if you could see how many followers you lost or gained from a single piece of content? With this information you could find the media types that help grow your brand. In March we added the metric ‘Follower Change’ for individual posts, stories and tweets. This metric shows the change in followers on your account within the first 24 hours after a piece of media is published. You can find it with the hourly updates feature.

IGTV analytics

If you’d been doubling-down on video content on Instagram, March got that little bit sparklier when we added metrics specifically for IGTV content. Housed in the posts section for Instagram accounts and the content section for Instagram hashtags, IGTV metrics show: engagement rate, likes, comments, saves, video views, impressions, reach, reach rate, engagement rate by reach and follower change. Better yet, it’s available on all Minter.io plans.

IGTV analytics by Minter.io
IGTV analytics by Minter.io

Instagram ads data change

Oh, how we like to make life easier for you here at Minter.io and in April we took measures to take the complication out of Instagram ad information. Instagram has been owned by Facebook for quite some time, and now they are both part of the umbrella company Meta. As a result, when you publish ads via the Facebook Ads Manager, they can turn up on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network depending on your settings.

We decided to make sure that on Minter.io, your Instagram ads show clicks, impressions and reach data they gained on Instagram only, to take the guesswork out of your advertising metrics.

Saves and video views for Instagram ads

In April, we also brought you two additional metrics for Instagram Ads: saves and video views. Promoted posts and “dark” ads posts now show a breakdown of organic and paid data for these metrics, making it crystal clear where these actions came from.

24 hr data for media

It’s long been argued that the first 24 hours since publication of content is the most important for exposure on many social media platforms. Therefore, in May we added a new 24 hour data view for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Available with our Gold, Platinum and Agency plans, you can see how your posts, tweets and stories perform in the first 24 hours since publishing. Organic data is available for Instagram and Twitter, whereas Facebook shows organic and paid data. You can view 24 hour data on your accounts, competitor accounts and with all media types.

24 hour data available for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook on Minter.io
24 hour data available for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook on Minter.io

Affiliate program

In June we launched our affiliate program, for you to be able to earn recurring revenue for promoting Minter.io. For every customer who sign up to Minter.io through your unique referral link, you’ll earn 15% commission for as long as they remain a paying customer. Submit an online application form to join our affiliate program.

Twitter hashtag analytics

In July, we brought you Twitter hashtag analytics. Whether you’re building a marketing campaign or keeping general tabs on Twitter hashtags associated with your business or a competitor, you can now track these with Minter.io.

You can see the number of tweets, retweets, quotes, likes, replies, video views, top used apps, tweet sentiment rate and top tweets as well as the gender, countries, cities and language of the contributors to the hashtag. You can also view associated hashtags and number of hashtags. These metrics can help you make informed data-led decisions with your content and compile information to shape future hashtags and hashtag campaigns.

Mixter App

We welcomed you to a whole new world of colour when we launched the new app Mixter - an app designed to help you create beautiful colour gradient backgrounds for Instagram stories posts. Instagram has a very limited amount of options for gradient colour backgrounds, so we decided to design an app that gives you infinite colour gradient options. Easily input specific colour shades or experiment with sliders, colour grids and spectrums. It’s simple to switch the order of each colour, amount of each hue, and whirl your way to the ideal angle of rotation.

We could spend hours getting lost in the options, but you don’t have to. Pick out the perfect colours for your branding and upload to Instagram straight from the app. Find our full tutorial here.

Mixter app for Instagram stories gradient colour backgrounds by Minter.io
Mixter app for Instagram stories gradient colour backgrounds by Minter.io

Dark mode

Over the past few years we’ve witnessed dark mode becoming more popular. It reduces eyestrain for people looking at screens for prolonged periods of time and, let’s face it, it looks pretty cool. October brought dark mode to Minter.io. You can toggle between light and dark mode in the appearance section of your settings, but for extra ease the default is based on your system’s settings.

Table view

In November we added a new display option, enabling you to view your posts, stories, tweets, ads, mentions and replies in a table view. Sort any metric in ascending or descending order and compare posts by KPIs at a glance. It’s simple to switch between table view and grid view, so you can view your data the way you like best.

Table view option for posts, stories, tweets, ads, mentions and replies by Minter.io
Table view option for posts, stories, tweets, ads, mentions and replies by Minter.io

New Agency plan

Do you have several social profiles to track? In November we added a new agency plan for 10 profiles, so you can keep up to date with all the metrics you want covered.

Increased number of competitors on Platinum plan

Platinum plans just got more competitive, raising the number of competitor profiles you can analyse from 1 to 3 per social profile. See what works for other accounts and compare your performance to help your socials grow.

Instagram audit

Another huge addition to the Minter.io experience was the launch of Instagram Audit. Unsure of what’s working well for your Instagram profile and what’s holding you back? Get a performance review and optimisation tips specifically for your Instagram profile. Instagram Audit gives you an overall audit score for your profile and a detailed report on Instagram bio optimisation, audience activity, post and story optimisation and engagement.

Get your audit profile score on the Silver plan and your audit profile score with a detailed report on Gold, Platinum and Agency plans. Your Instagram Audit score and report are updated every day. Learn more about how Instagram Audit works here.

Instagram audit with audit score and detailed report by Minter.io
Instagram audit by Minter.io

Tiktok analytics

Finishing the year off with a bang, in December we launched analytics for TikTok. Get data on views, engagement rate, likes, comments and shares, including detailed data for the first 24 hours after publishing. Optimise posts by seeing the best time for you to post on TikTok and which hashtags boost engagement. Find FAQs here and get ready to TikTok your way into 2022!

We’re proud of these new features we’ve brought to you this year and we aim to bring you even more data in the future to help your profiles grow. Who’s looking forward to a shiny new year ahead? Start it in style with the social media analytics tool Minter.io.


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