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What Should I Publish On IGTV?

Instagram Marketing Jul 18, 2019

Are you struggling with finding inspiration for your IGTV channel? Perhaps you don’t know where to start or your ideas are drying up.

Here at Minter.io we are sharing 8 content ideas for your IGTV channel.

1. Behind the scenes

Invite your followers to see the processes and people behind the products and services they love. Creating behind the scenes footage helps to humanise your brand, while allowing followers to feel more connected and informed about your business.

Dior used behind the scenes footage by posing a question to its fashion team and models, which embraced the message of their fashion collection.

See the full IGTV video here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/BzicKFsnjcW/

Behind the scenes footage can also be used to showcase craft and culture. Jaipur Art Factory captures the essence of this in the IGTV video ‘Art of Hand Block Printing’, embracing the colours, music and environment of India.

See the full IGTV video here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/BkSJPV9Du3d/

Why don’t you create a ‘Meet The Team’ video, show your audience around your workspace, or cover backstage footage of an event, shop or factory.

2. Tutorials

More and more brands are sharing their knowledge every day on video sharing platforms. Surprisingly this doesn’t encourage the viewers to stop using the brands and businesses that share their knowledge. In fact, knowledge sharing increases trust, brand loyalty and is an opportunity to display expertise.

Tutorials can be as simple and effective as explaining how a product is made or used. This kind of content works particularly well for food-based businesses because of the recipe-based products, and beauty brands because of the ‘how to’ nature the industry has crafted by creating specific looks.

Check out how Bottega Zero Waste shares its expertise in this ‘Natural Roll On Perfume’ IGTV video: https://www.instagram.com/tv/Bzyiunqnhk3/?hl=en

Vogue Germany invites influencers and models onto their IGTV to takeover their tutorials. This is a clever way to keep content fresh, increase reach through collaboration and show off their products.

See the full IGTV video here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/BzOe_98HQpj/?hl=en

Show off the processes used in creating or using your products and services. From baking tutorials to paper embossing processes, show off the expertise your business brings to the table.

3. Collaborations

IGTV is the perfect space to show off collaborations with influential individuals, brands, industry experts and sponsors. Tagging and sharing across multiple channels can increase your reach, while giving your audience more reasons to tune in.

Almost every IGTV video of Harper’s Bazaar includes a collaboration of some kind. This creates opportunities to tag influencers and celebrities, keeping the status of the magazine and increasing reach and exposure.

The latest IGTV videos published by @harpersbazaarus on Instagram
The latest IGTV videos published by @harpersbazaarus

Harper’s Bazaar has even created series such as ‘go to bed’ and ‘in the mirror’ specifically to collaborate with celebrities. Check out this IGTV video with Serena Williams: https://www.instagram.com/tv/Bzwk3gelB1y/

Perhaps invite a relevant influencer or industry expert to do a Q&A, host a talk or a takeover, or plan a series or an event specifically to facilitate collaboration with other businesses.

4. Product collections, lookbooks and releases

When your business is putting together campaigns for new releases, think about including IGTV in the marketing. The additional video length can allow you to share more in-depth features of your products or services, build additional hype and hammer home associated hashtags.

Versace created a video lookbook to share its latest season’s products. This suits the fashion industry perfectly and gives an extra element to Versace’s visual campaign.

Check out the full IGTV video here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/BsQxpmziTnx/

Releasing new or surprising ventures using IGTV gives businesses more room to share the vibe around what they are doing. When Bad Monday (a tattoo-inspired clothing business) partnered up with a brewing company, the affiliation needed to make sense for the brand. However, IGTV gave them the space to share the ethos of the brand, incorporating their clothing, culture, music scene and the beverage into a release video. This tied together the feel of the community they are creating, while bringing the viewer into their world.

See the full IGTV video here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/BzsQtldFLDi/

If you have a new release or collection in the works, think about how you can make use of IGTV to share the stories behind your products.

5. Brand ethos videos

Every brand stands for something, from being environmentally friendly or championing equal rights, to pop culture, teen trends or making the tastiest pizza possible. Highlighting your ethos in a video can strengthen your brand’s identity and affiliation with likeminded groups.

P&Co show off what they stand for using their IGTV. Not only do they share the vision behind their products, but they share behind the scenes footage of their photoshoot, tag in team members and chat about what makes P&Co the brand they are by highlighting their love of adventure, taking to the road and being carefree.

See the full IGTV video here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/BwH90FYhJT0/

Think about the things that make your brand tick and what you want your brand to be associated with. You can then incorporate the culture of your brand into content to stand by your products.

6. Events

If you have an upcoming event, IGTV gives you the perfect place to publish your content without having to cut any important details and moments out of the video. Events also allow for more tagging and collaboration opportunities.

Ferrari created an IGTV video covering their 5-day rally event, sharing the highlights with their Instagram followers.

See the full IGTV video here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/BxhhKV7lnhx/

Have you got any informative or interesting events coming up? Don’t forget to capture some footage so that your audience can feel like they are in the room too.

7. Cross-posting

If your social media presence naturally crosses multiple video platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, consider sharing your content to IGTV as well. Now that IGTV supports both landscape and portrait video formats, it’s even easier to share content to more places online.

The Lily News is making the smart choice of posting the same videos to both Facebook and Instagram. This means that if a viewer only follows the business on one platform, they won’t miss out on their favourite videos and topics.

Check out the video here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/Bwrf9tflGR9/

Try posting content from your other social media platforms and see which content works best for where, or whether posting the same content to IGTV will help increase your brand exposure.

8. Series

Creating a series gives your audience a reason to keep coming back and to stay on your content for longer. A collection of videos gives your content structure and is perfect for being even more creative with your brand.

Macknade created an IGTV series highlighting the history of the company.

Adorama created an IGTV series documenting the experiences had while traveling for the photography company.

Think about the kind of series you could create. Perhaps you could form a series about your team, your company ethos, or the vision for the company.

Can you think of any more IGTV video topics to add to the list? Comment your suggestions below and don’t forget to check out Minter.io - your handy tool for improving your Instagram.


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