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5 Ways to add Christmas cheer to your TikTok content

TikTok Marketing Dec 8, 2023
5 Ways to add Christmas cheer to your TikTok content

It’s time to sprinkle your social media with the magic of Christmas, so grab your fluffiest slippers and cosy up over a hot cup of cocoa as we grant you the gift of knowledge. There's never been a better time to bring your community together. With everything from festive feature fun to christmassy content creatives, this is your one-stop Santa’s workshop for a TikTok account filled with festive cheer.

Let’s unwrap 5 TikTok tips to add some sparkle this Christmas season…

1. Follow the festive filters

This is the perfect time to get excited for the holidays, so get into the spirit of things with festive filters and effects. You can get involved by creating content with an existing or trending effect or make your own. We particularly like the filter below which was designed by @sarahreevesmusic as it cycles through a number of popular cookie brands and flavours, while linking the result with personality traits like a tasty fortune teller. Does this example spark inspiration for a filter you could make? By inserting your own products and/or branding into the mix, this could be the ideal way to spread your brand far and wide while potentially boosting sales as people gather gift ideas.

To find your favourite Christmas filters and effects:

  1. Open the TikTok app and tap on the plus (+) button in the centre of the bar at the bottom of the screen to create a new TikTok post.
  2. Tap on the Effects option in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.
  3. From here you can look through trending and new effects or hit the search icon for the most relevant effects and filters.
  4. Type a search term such as ‘Christmas’ into the search bar at the top of the screen.

Want to design your own filter but not sure how? TikTok filters are created using Effect HouseCheck out this article which will walk you through the process of making your own TikTok filters and effects.

2. Rockin’ around the Christmas tunes

Nothing gets me more in the mood for Christmas than hearing Christmas tunes playing, so get the jingle bells chiming on TikTok to raise the Christmas spirit in your content. There are so many tunes to choose from and with the in-built Commercial Sounds Library you can use them on ads and organic content alike.

To add Christmas songs to your TikTok content:

  1. Open the TikTok app and tap on the plus (+) button in the centre of the bar at the bottom of the screen to create a new TikTok post.
  2. Tap on the music icon to ‘Add sound’. Depending on whether you’re creating a video, photo or text post, this icon will appear either at the top of the screen or on the right-hand side of the screen.

3a. Use the search bar at the top of the screen and type in a relevant search term such as ‘Christmas songs’. 

3b. Alternatively, select ‘All’ next to the Playlist options and scroll down to find the Christmas playlist.

  1. Tap the tick next to your chosen tune.

To edit which section of the song plays in your TikTok video:

  1. Tap on the sound at the top of the screen.
  2. Select the scissor icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Drag the sound bar to start at your desired point in the song.
  4. Tap ‘Done’ when you’re finished.

3. Deck the halls with holiday hashtags 

Search functions are as important as ever in snowy season, so make the most of holiday hashtags to get into more places on the platform. Choose widely used hashtags to get into popular places online or make your own brand-specific hashtag to keep tabs on an Xmas campaign. To branch further into your niche, combine the word ‘Christmas’ with other words. The example below includes the hashtags #christmasdesserts and #christmasfoodideas to get into relevant places on TikTok, aiming to boost reach while connecting with the right audience.

Add holiday hashtags to seasonal content
Add relevant hashtags to increase reach on TikTok like @littledessertshop

4. Create a catchphrase as unique as Rudolph

If there’s any time to be inventive, it’s at Christmas time. This is your opportunity to dazzle with new ideas, capture the imagination of your viewers and whisk them away into a magical little world of wonder. One way to do this is to create your own Christmas collective by crafting a super special, searchable and memorable catchphrase. Not only will it be easy to find online, but it also sets a brand apart as masses of companies ramp up efforts to boost sales before Christmas Day. This is what @theperfumeshop is doing this year. The simple strapline sends a clear holiday message while incorporating the vibes of the products on offer. It can be used across multiple platforms as part of a seasonal campaign.

5. All I want for Christmas is presents

‘Tis the season for shopping! With gifts being wrapped and presents plopped under the tree, it’s the perfect time to release new or season-specific products… and what better place to shout about them than in the North Pole of attention. 

It’s also time to shout about products that have a short window to be bought up. Advent calendars, stockings and decorations are all examples of items that aren’t sellable all year round, so make the most of the moment with memorable TikTok content.

Additionally, use this opportunity to give your regular products some extra sparkle. Get creative by finding festive ways to use your best sellers. You could even kick off a competition, encouraging your community to do the same. Grab some pointers from @2021christmastok which turned regular Lindor chocolates into edible Christmas baubles. With enough imagination, anything is possible.

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