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How to build a 4000+ Facebook following from scratch in 6 months

Brands on Facebook Apr 16, 2024
How to build a 4000+ Facebook following from scratch in 6 months

Little Cake Co created its Facebook Page on the 23rd of September 2023. By mid-March of 2024 it had amassed 4.2k page likes and 4.3k page followers. That’s not bad for an unknown brand.

In this article, we’re going to show you how Little Cake Co grew its Facebook Page from the ground up in only 6 months. With the 5-step strategy below, you can confidently set up your business on Facebook and go from fresh-faced newbie to established powerhouse in a matter of months…

1. Have a clear focus

Everyone wants to grow an online following fast. The most important question to ask is: why? 

Ask yourself:

  • Why am I trying to grow a following? 
  • What do I hope to achieve by having a following? 
  • What value do I have to offer a following?

Having a clear focus is imperative when trying to grow a brand quickly. Making your mission easy to understand and explain in text and media form makes it easy to connect with a relevant audience fast.

Look at the banner, profile picture and name of the Little Cake Co Facebook Page. Just from this first impression at the top of the Facebook page, it’s obvious what the products are and who would be interested in this brand. Your focus should be just as clear - with everything pointing to what you have to offer an audience.

The first impression on your Facebook Page should make your focus clear
Banner, profile picture and name of the Little Cake Co Facebook Page

If you can’t explain what your company is about in a few simple sentences, your focus might not be as clear as you think it is. The Facebook intro by Little Cake Co seamlessly states the business’ unique selling point  - mini cakes for special occasions, delivered directly to your door. Can you sum up your business focus this succinctly?

Make your intro succinct and to the point
Facebook intro by Little Cake Co

2. Get to grips with great advertising

It’s nothing new to note that organic Facebook reach has tanked for business pages in recent years. This notorious decline in connecting with a Facebook audience free of charge has made it almost impossible to grow quickly on the platform without embracing some sort of paid advertising. The upside? Facebook advertising is pretty incredible. Targeting an audience is simple to do, while impeccably intricate options are available to play with if desired. You can even create ads specifically to get more Page likes.

Choose a goal for your Facebook ad
Facebook ad goals include: Get more Page likes

Take the guesswork out of advertising. By testing multiple creatives, you can find out what gets the best response and return on investment. Check out how Little Cake Co created multiple adverts with the same text, but toyed with various images and carousel ads to see what connected best with its targeted audience.

3. Create bold visual media

Social media thrives on visual content. When a Facebook post includes an image it’s likely to get a 37% increase in engagement. Little Cake Co proves sometimes simplicity is superior. Its bold imagery puts the product in centre stage, while the pale background helps the product pop.

To accompany the tasty imagery, notice how the text in each post shouts the cake flavour in capital letters, follows it up with a matching emoji and finishes the text with a more detailed description. It’s simple and to the point which elevates the imagery and invites the viewer to imagine eating the visual.

4. Showcase positive reviews

Around 89% of consumers say they make an effort to read reviews before buying products online, so get people on board with your brand by showcasing glowing reviews on your Facebook Page. Showcasing positive reviews is all about building trust so people can confidently like your Page, share your content and buy from your business. Facebook ranks fourth on the list of review sites people check before visiting a business, just behind Google, Yelp, and Tripadvisor. When people check your Facebook Page, are they going to want to stick around? If you want to build a following fast, make sure you’re giving people a reason to trust your brand. Enabling reviews is a simple way to do this.

Enable Facebook reviews to build trust
Positive review on the Little Cake Co Facebook Page

This review on the Little Cake Co Facebook Page shows how powerful Facebook has been in connecting the business with loyal customers. From initial suggestion all the way through to repurchase, this stunning Facebook review places Little Cake Co in a position to be trusted by fresh new fans of the brand.

An easily overlooked detail is the website link connected to a Facebook Page. There are countless accounts with broken links which ultimately gives off an unprofessional impression and breaks trust with new audiences.

Little Cake Co features links to its business website in a few places on its Facebook Page. The ‘About’ section of the Facebook Page is one of the most obvious places people go searching for a website link. 

Add a link from your Facebook Page to your website
Website link in the About section of the Little Cake Co Facebook Page

Another place to position a website link is through an optional action button at the top of your Facebook Page. This is perfectly positioned to get clicked as the blue button stands out and is one of the first things viewers see when seeking out a Facebook Page. The ease of use makes it the ideal place to put a link to your business website. Little Cake Co has opted for a ‘Learn more’ label but you can choose from a number of action buttons including: Book now, Sign Up, View Shop, Call Now, Contact us and many more. Just make sure you check the link is working.

Add a link to the top of your Facebook Page
Action button ‘Learn more’ on the Little Cake Co Facebook Page

Facebook continues to prove it is a powerhouse for building businesses from the ground up. With unrivalled advertising opportunities and intuitive features, Facebook is the modern replacement for a multitude of business needs. Chuck out your leaflets, business cards and advertising slot in the local paper: Facebook does it all.

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