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Your business should have a customer service Twitter account

Twitter Marketing Aug 25, 2022
Your business should have a customer service Twitter account

Here’s why…

Have you ever had a problem with a company that you felt could have been resolved quickly, but the waiting on hold, being passed from department to department and the lack of answers got you more frustrated than the initial problem? Social media is a key tool businesses all over the world utilise to provide almost instant communication to resolve such matters. The ideal social media platform for the task? Look no further than Twitter.

Twitter is the social platform of the communicator; the talker; the typer. It is the platform where multiple updates a day are not only tolerated but encouraged. It’s the place customers turn for up-to-date info, solutions, outages, news… it’s the platform of being in the moment. Therefore, it makes sense to be the platform of choice when tackling customer service issues. In fact, according to Twitter,  64% of customers on Twitter say they would rather message a dedicated support handle than call a business.

A significant amount of brands are opting for a dedicated Twitter account specifically for customer service; huge names including Microsoft, Apple, HP, Farfetch and Boohoo to name just a few. If you haven’t got one for your business yet, we’re going to explain why it might be a good idea to set one up as your business grows.

Here are 3 reasons to start a separate customer service Twitter account…

1. Keep your main account clutter free

Nothing takes the buzz out of product releases, exciting collabs or carefully curated creatives (try saying that after a few drinks!) like complaints in the comments. One of the main benefits of having a separate customer service Twitter account is to keep questions, queries and concerns off your main account. That way, you can focus on the shiny stuff in one place and the messy stuff somewhere else.

On the surface this might seem like a vanity move but it actually makes the experience much better for your audience. Clearing the comments of unrelated issues makes way for more relevant conversation.

Top Tip: Sometimes questions, queries and complaints will still come through to your main account. Reply with your support account to continue the conversation away from the main account.

Respond to customer service queries on your main account using your support account
Respond to customer service queries using your support account like @farfetch

2. Help customers quicker

Separating your customer service from your marketing efforts enables you to help people quickly. Don’t make work difficult for yourself by having to sift and sort through collaboration enquiries, business opportunities and general chit-chat to get to customer service matters. It’ll only leave you frazzled and your customers disappointed.

By having a dedicated space, you can effectively communicate with the people who need a direct dialogue. This is particularly useful as your business grows and you get more traffic to your Twitter page. Equally, as you grow your team, you can keep marketing staff and customer service staff focused on a specific account to provide the best customer service possible.

Top Tip: Link your customer service account in your main account’s Twitter bio so it is easily found. On your support account, it may be a good idea to link to FAQ’s or a support page on your website.

3. Provide helpful updates to the right people

Your support account doesn’t need to harbour tumbleweed. You can use this account to share useful information including: product updates, product recall information, shop opening times, tips to get the most out of your products or services and so much more. How about including anything that will help your customers that won’t flow with the aesthetic of your main account?

@MicrosoftHelps posts handy updates on its support page. Here are some examples…


An easy win for a tweet on a customer service Twitter account is to solve common problems. In this example, @MicrosoftHelps shares the steps to recover an account.

Share guides for frequently asked questions to help customers find their own solutions
Answer FAQ’s with your tweets on your support account like @MicrosoftHelps

Setting up products

If you’ve had a product upgrade recently or have some tips for product use, your support page is the ideal place to shed light on this.

Make product use and updates easier for customers with guides
Help customers use and set up products on your support account like @MicrosoftHelps


The classic how-to guide has a place beyond your main channel. Share helpful how-tos on your support page as well!

Share tutorials to common problems and questions to clear your inbox quicker
Share how-tos on your support account like @MicrosoftHelps

Useful tips

If there’s a way to make your customers’ lives easier, make sure you let them know. Hacks and tips can be a big reason your audience might follow your support account too.

Share useful tips and hacks to make your support account a go-to resource hub
Share hacks and tips on your support account like @MicrosoftHelps

Top Tip: If you have the resources, make your customer service account worth following by planning regular posts to help your customers make the most of your products or services.

We hope this helps keep your presence on Twitter organised and your customers happy. As you continue to grow your business online, make sure you have all the tools you need to strengthen your online presence. Check out Minter.io today for vital social media analytics every business needs.

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