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How to add an Instagram comment to your Stories

Instagram Tips Jan 25, 2024
How to add an Instagram comment to your Stories

Instagram Stories is the perfect place for unleashing your creativity, connectivity and marketing power. There are so many options to explore, allowing you to grow fearlessly. In this article, we’re bringing you one of the most criminally underutilised Instagram Stories features that packs a huge punch if you know how to use it well. This relatively new addition is worth venturing into if you want to give yourself an edge with your Instagram Stories strategy.

Sharing a comment to your Instagram Stories

Some comments are just too good not to share. Luckily, with Instagram Stories, you can shine a spotlight on the comments you want to shout about. You can share comments dropped on your own posts or comments on other people’s posts, giving you full flexibility to showcase the voices that mean the most to you.

You can share a comment left on any kind of post, so whether you’ve got a killer comment on a reelcarousel or picture post, getting more eyeballs on it is easy. On top of all this goodness, when you share a comment to your Instagram Stories the original post is also automatically added and linked in the Stories post, making it easy for viewers to find and interact with the original content on a profile. 

Share a comment left on main feed content to your Instagram Stories
Share a comment alongside the original content from your profile or another profile

How to add comments to your Instagram Stories

Whether you’re sharing a comment from one of your own Instagram posts or a post from a different creator, the method is the same. 

Here’s how:

  1. On a post, tap ‘View all comments’ and find the comment you want to share to your Stories.
  2. Swipe left on the comment to reveal some secret options.
  3. Tap the + icon with the broken circle to add the comment and post to a brand new Stories post on your profile.

From here you can edit the size, rotation, location and colour of the comment.

To edit the size of the comment, pinch or pull the comment with 2 fingers or thumbs.

To edit the location of the comment, drag the comment with one finger or thumb to your desired position on the screen.

Drag the comment sticker wherever you'd like on the screen
Move the comment sticker to your desired location

To rotate the comment, use 2 fingers or thumbs and twist the comment.

Twist the comment sticker to rotate it
Rotate the comment sticker

To change the colour of the comment, tap on the comment and cycle through the pre-loaded solid and gradient options.

Why brands share comments to Stories posts

There are so many reasons brands opt to share comments to their Stories. Let’s have a look at some of the main reasons you might want to adopt for your content strategy.

Draw attention to a particular piece of content

By adding a comment to a Stories post, you are automatically adding and linking the content the comment was posted on. The link to the comment and content makes it easy to direct viewers to the original piece of content, while the comment can be used as an incentive. Perhaps the comment contains high praise, humour or a question. This can lead viewers to investigate the content further.

Get more impressions and engagement

Viewers can interact with Stories posts through liking, reacting, responding with a message or interacting with stickers, but they can also venture onto the shared post directly from the Stories post. This ups the odds of the content being seen and engaged with. With multiple ways to view and interact with the content, you can drive views and engagement by getting the content, alongside a juicy comment, into multiple places on your Instagram profile.

Encourage more comments on the content

By showcasing a comment through a Stories post, you can encourage more comments on your content. This can happen for a few reasons. Firstly, by putting a spotlight on a comment, you reward audience members who engage. This can make other people want to engage as they may hope to be featured in an upcoming Stories post. Secondly, you could share comments that spark a reaction in other people. This could include sharing outrageous, funny, divisive, controversial, interesting, wholesome or thought-provoking comments. Other viewers may feel the need to respond to the comment with a comment of their own, upping your engagement in the process.

Build trust or intrigue quickly

Depending on the kind of comment shared, the comment could inspire a number of emotions and reactions from the viewer. However, if you’re looking to build trust, comment sharing can be used as a form of social proof. Positive comments can also create FOMO as viewers won’t want to miss out on something other people are enjoying.

Add a temporary response to the comment

Stories posts are only publicly visible for 24 hours unless they are put into a Stories highlight. This makes it easy to add a temporary response, which is more likely to get noticed as it’s showcased as a Stories post, instead of adding a permanent reply which may slip under the radar. This is useful if you feel particularly passionate about the comment and your response or if you’re looking for additional replies and thoughts.

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