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3 Powerful TikTok strategies to kickstart 2024

TikTok Marketing Jan 19, 2024
3 Powerful TikTok strategies to kickstart 2024

Say hello to @ruggable - your 2024 TikTok inspiration. This underfoot furnishing company proves it has just as much substance as it has style with its truly triumphant TikTok strategy. It’s time to get snuggled up in a world where rugs reign supreme, as we show you 3 ingenious techniques you won’t be able to resist to weave into your own TikTok takeover.

1. Transform your TikTok Ads

I first encountered @ruggable through an incredibly powerful TikTok ad. It caught my attention in such a way that I just had to make a note of everything it was doing right. With a straight-forward description, clear messaging, several product previews, clear navigation, a linked product page and an excellent landing page, @ruggable is the new year present you’ll want to get wrapped up in.

TikTok ads can be separate from a TikTok account. If so, when a viewer clicks on the brand logo or name, they will be directed to the brand’s desired destination. This was the case with the @ruggable ad which directed viewers to the business website.

TikTok ad creation boasts some powerful features such as: 

You can create your own ads here: https://ads.tiktok.com

2. Pin the perfect posts

Pinning posts in prime position for persistent views is a pattern we praise. There are plenty of potent uses for the top spots on your content collage and @ruggable has made some top choices. With 3 unique uses for the pinned positions, @ruggable draws on collaboration, star power and its individual brand mission to scoop up views using a wide net.

Pin up to three posts to the top of your TikTok profile
Pinned posts on the @ruggable TikTok profile

A tried and tested way of building trust is to team up with another brand. This is most effective when the collaboration is relevant, mutually beneficial and the other brand has some clout in a similar space to your brand. By creating a TikTok video at a photoshoot, @ruggable managed to grab some huge pulling power with the iconic brand Architectural Digest.

What kind of brand could you team up with to make some TikTok content? Could you shoot some TikTok footage during a meet-up, event or function?

Even if you’re not close to capturing a clout-driven collaboration, TikTok’s remarkable features make it possible to draw on some superstar power through music, sounds and trends. This makes it possible for anyone’s content to have a big impact, even on the smallest of budgets. Through pure creativity and the use of TikTok’s large sound library, @ruggable stole the spotlight using some of the biggest hits from one of the most relevant stars on the planet to date - Taylor Swift.

How can you use music and trends to connect with your audience through popular culture? 

The third and final pinned post by @ruggable showcased the unique selling point of the brand while embracing a cheeky soundtrack to add some humour. This distinct use of the pinned position is all about the brand itself, why it’s different and why the viewer will love it. By popping this clear messaging at the top of the profile, viewers can get to know the products and the company vibe without having to dive into a mountain of content for this key information.

How can you share your company values and unique selling points in a single TikTok video?

3. Bring out your brand mission

The mission of @ruggable is very simply explained in the trademarked phrase: Life Matters, Spills Don’t. This is the essence behind the creation of machine washable rugs with interchangeable covers and hundreds of designs. Sometimes things get spilled; this shouldn’t mean the death of your favourite furnishings. This is a beautiful philosophy that’s developed sustainable products with a long life.

Add your unique selling point to your social media and website
Unique selling point on the @ruggable website

The brand mission may be simple, but the way @ruggable has weaved it throughout its TikTok profile is undeniably inspired. Let’s first look at the TikTok bio. The one-liner statement reads: ‘Perfection is overrated’. This simplicity pings my curiosity every single time. When viewed initially it begs the question: why was this chosen as the opening line of the @ruggable TikTok profile? It’s only when the viewer dives deeper into the content and uncovers the true mission of the @ruggable brand that it all comes together like the final piece of a jigsaw puzzle. 

Add your unique selling point to your bio and link in bio
TikTok bio with URL by @ruggable

Another prominent place the mission rings loudly is the clickable link in the TikTok profile bio. The URL leads users to the business website homepage, but notice how it is written in the bio link. Including the phrase ‘wash your rug’ is like a hidden easter egg for fans to spot, while viewers new to the brand might find it somewhat amusing.

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