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5 Instagram tricks to treat yourself to this Halloween

Instagram Marketing Oct 24, 2023
5 Instagram tricks to treat yourself to this Halloween

Spooky season is upon us and who better to take inspiration from than creepy clothing cult @hottopic. In this article, we’re going to bring the best bits out of the shadows and get to the goodies you can really sink your teeth into…

1. Spook your store with seasonal exclusives

It’s time to bat around your best brains to design a cauldron full of one-off products. Seasonal events present the perfect opportunity for exclusive drops. The limited availability is a scarcity tactic that encourages sales while making the most of the cultural moment. Share your Halloween products in a variety of different ways, such as in feed posts and Instagram reels, to make your followers afraid to miss out.

2. Conjure up copious amounts of comments 

Get more eyeballs on your content by brewing up a bubbly concoction for coaxing out comments. This bewitching tactic by @hottopic casts a spell over its viewing victims to reach eerily high amounts of engagement. Just look at how this brand got its following to choose a look to die for. By labelling clothing options, selecting a drop-dead outfit got spookily easy and the comments got flooded in the process.

3. Team up with tricksters 

Unearth your deepest, darkest friends with a chilling collaboration worth screaming about. This frightfully good opportunity set up @hottopic to gain more followers, while the collaboration with Universal is a thrilling display of clout

Combine a collaboration with a competition for follower-boosting clout
Collaboration between @hottopic and @unistudios

4. Create a creepy countdown

Celebrations are for sharing and what better way to get the community involved than by counting down to the special day. Whether sharing pumpkin spice and all things nice, or skeleton brains and all things insane, there are several ways you can countdown to the once-a-year scare fest.

The easiest way to create a countdown is to use the countdown sticker located in Instagram stories. Input the countdown name, date and time and add it to a stories post. Even better, add it to a dedicated stories highlight so viewers can return to it leading up to the event.

Add a countdown sticker to an Instagram stories post
Instagram stories post with a countdown sticker by @hottopic

Another way to count down with your following is through content posted to the main grid. In the post below, @hottopic features other users and content creators wearing its products (tagging them in the description, of course) which adds to the community vibe of the celebratory countdown. 

5. Haunt your page with a Halloween highlight

Halloween might only come around once a year but it lives in many of our hearts all year round. A dedicated Instagram highlight stops scary content from stalking the main profile grid, while keeping it very much alive as a feature. There’s no need to raise the dead annually. Zombify the highlight to your heart’s content and flesh out the bare bones with some interactive stickers for engagement to be envious about.

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