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The secret way to get verified on TikTok

TikTok For Business Dec 23, 2022
The secret way to get verified on TikTok

The topic of applying for verification on TikTok is somewhat ambiguous. Many reputable websites claim there is no way to apply for verification and TikTok itself isn’t forthcoming with a clear way to claim a verification badge. However, we found some information particularly telling which might help your account snag a verification spot beyond crossing your fingers and hoping to get plucked from the masses by the TikTok gods.

Before we share with you the vital info you need, firstly you have to adhere to the several stipulations TikTok demands for an account to become verified…

Rules for TikTok verification

To get verified an account must be:

  1. Active - it must have been logged in within the past 6 months.
  2. Authentic - it must represent a real person, business or entity.
  3. Complete - it must be public and have a completed bio, name, profile photo and at least one TikTok video.
  4. Notable - it must be featured in multiple news sources.
  5. Secure - it must have multi-factor authentication and a verified email address. It must also have a relevant email domain if the account is a business, institution or entity.
  6. Following the terms of service.

There is no charge for verification. Anyone selling TikTok verification is likely a scammer and should be avoided.

TikTok can remove verification from an account if some settings are changed by the account. Make sure when you set up your TikTok account that you choose a username and the account type (business, personal or institution) carefully. If any of these are changed once your account is verified, it may trigger the removal of your verification badge.

Improve your chances of verification

There are several hacks touted all over the internet for increasing your chances of getting verified on TikTok and some of them make perfect sense because they align with the aforementioned stipulations.

Here are the best ones…

Get verified on other social platforms

Verification on any social media platform is generally reserved for accounts that need verification. This is because the account name or likeness is likely to get targeted by copycats and scammers. Accounts needing verification include: well-known brands, recognisable people, public figures, celebrities, politicians, religious heads and influencers with a large amount of followers.

By getting verified on other social media platforms and linking those verified accounts to your TikTok account, you’re proving that you’ve already been accepted by other verification processes. This strengthens your case as others have deemed your profiles as notable and authentic.

Grow your accounts

Building your accounts by gaining more followers increases the need for verification because the larger your following, the more likely your account will be targeted by copycats and scammers.

To build your following:

These steps should boost your profile and notability in the process.

Go Viral

Having a TikTok video go viral is a sure-fire way to get more interaction and followers while increasing your brand awareness in a significant way. Going viral on TikTok comes from knowledge of what works on the platform and tapping into ideas other people relate to and want to get involved with. Grab some inspiration before coming up with your own ideas.

Get media coverage

TikTok states your account must be featured in multiple news sources. Getting media coverage will give you examples of your notability which can build your need for verification.

Applying for verification

I’ve been hunting for a clear and obvious way to get verified on TikTok. Many sources claim you can’t apply for verification. Instead, it is thought that TikTok has a team dedicated to finding accounts in need of verification that automatically adds verification badges without input from the account owners. But if celebrities like Tom Cruise can get verified without a single video on the account, there must be a way to get in touch with TikTok if you’re a big enough name.

@tomcruise TikTok account verified without any videos on the profile
@tomcruise TikTok account verified without any videos on the profile

While looking at the information on TikTok’s help page ‘How to tell if an account is verified on TikTok’ I noticed this phrase, 'the account owner needs to re-apply for verification.’ If you can re-apply, that must mean you can apply for it in the first place, right?

After a little extra digging, I found this page: https://www.tiktok.com/legal/report/verification

Why verification matters

Verification is a stamp of authenticity online. It shows users that your account is legitimate; that you are who you say you are. This helps build trust with your audience and is a form of social proof. Building trust is an important part of building a profitable business with loyal customers. Verification is also crucial for warding off scammers and impersonators. This helps protect your audience and your image.

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