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How to stay consistent on TikTok using Minter.io

TikTok Tips Apr 4, 2024
How to stay consistent on TikTok using Minter.io

Everyone loves a quick fix when it comes to TikTok growth but one of the most underrated and highly beneficial ways to grow online is to be consistent. But what exactly does that mean? Being consistent could mean uploading regularly and sticking to a schedule, continually churning out great quality content or growing an engaged following at a steady rate. 

In this article, we’re going to look at several of the ways you can be consistent on TikTok. We’ll show you how to upload consistently, aim for consistent follower growth and keep up quality standards consistently. Throughout this article, we’ll show you how to track and interpret the metrics that relate most strongly to being consistent on TikTok using Minter.io - the social media analytics tool for growing a business online.

Consistent uploads

Publishing content regularly on TikTok is vital if you want to be seen, found and followed. By sticking to a regular content schedule, your existing following can look forward to new content while getting into a pattern of regularly engaging with the good stuff. This helps to build trust as brands that regularly post content are often seen as being credible. Think about it: would you trust a brand that only posts a few times a year over one that posts a few times a day? Remaining active shows that you care about engaging with your TikTok following while providing new opportunities for building brand awareness.

To find out how consistent you’re being with publishing to TikTok, head to the videos graph in the content section of your Minter.io TikTok data. This will show you how often you’re currently publishing to the platform. You can choose to view data by day, week or month. You’re automatically shown data from the past 4 weeks which is what you want to be looking at if you’re looking to improve upon what you’re currently doing, however you do have the option to change the time frame to any period using the date picker.

Armed with the data from the videos graph, you can see how consistently you’re publishing content. Are you uploading regularly or are you sporadically producing new content? Are there gaps in your uploading pattern and why? How can you plan ahead to make the number of uploads more consistent long term?

Track how regularly you post TikTok videos
Videos graph by Minter.io

The key to being consistent with TikTok uploads is to be prepared. If you want to post on a regular basis, create and schedule content in advance so you have a steady stream of content ready to publish. Having a strategy in place with the days, times and amount of times you’d like to post to TikTok is a great idea. It’s also handy to write down content ideas as and when you get inspired and to regularly gather the creative people in your company to drill out new ideas for the upcoming week, month, quarter or campaign.

Consistent follower growth

Everyone wants more followers on TikTok but checking for consistent growth is more than just about achieving a vanity metric. Growing your following consistently at a regular pace and in a positive direction can be an indicator that you’re doing other things well too. Follower growth tends to happen when people like the content, communication and/or products and services shared by the profile owner. 

Head to the followers graph in the audience section of your Minter.io TikTok data. Here you can see your follower growth over time. Is the graph heading in a positive or negative direction? Is the graph steady or are there peaks and dips in followers? If so, what could have caused those?

Track your TikTok follower growth or decline with the Followers graph
Followers graph by Minter.io

When follower growth is consistent, maintain what you’re currently doing. If it’s not going so well, it’s time to focus on your content strategy, your products and even the values of your company. What are you communicating with your TikTok audience and how can you relate and resonate with your audience? Focus on connecting with and maintaining the audience you already have by getting the basics right. When your follower count levels out, aim to steadily grow again by injecting your profile with quality content, utilising connectivity features and trying out some engagement techniques.

Another graph to look at when aiming to have consistent follower growth is the follower change graph. This graph by Minter.io shows the exact number of followers you gained and lost each day, week or month (depending on what you have selected to view data by). This can help you detect times when you got a higher or lower number of followers than usual, which can help you pinpoint actions and content that may have sparked follows or unfollows.

See the exact amount of followers gained or lost
Follower Change graph by Minter.io

Consistent content quality

It’s all very well posting content regularly but that’s unlikely to have the impact you want if the content isn’t that great. We want to create dynamic, engaging, jaw-dropping, exciting, trending, shareable, relatable, humorous, enjoyable content on TikTok. It is, after all, one of the most diverse and interesting social media apps out there with options to stitchduet, join in, react and thrive through new and vibrant ideas with every content upload.

There are many metrics you could track with Minter.io which can give you insight into how consistent the quality of your content is. Quality can be subjective as different audiences are likely to value different things. To one audience quality content means beautifully edited cinematic shots; to another audience quality content means stories that are relatable, funny and coming from a person that is easy to connect with. The best way to determine what works for your brand and audience is to track the data. When your graphs are consistent or following a positive trajectory, you can be sure that the quality of your content is consistent.

Some of the graphs you may want to track include: video engagement rate, likes, comment and shares. These engagement graphs can give you an insight into how people are interacting with your content. Generally speaking, the more interaction there is, the better the perceived quality of the content. All these graphs can be found in the content section of your Minter.io TikTok data.

For an overall look at the engagement on your TikTok videos, check out the trajectory of the video engagement rate. Are there peaks and dips or is the line relatively stable? Is the line going up or down? What can this tell you about the quality of your content?

Track the video engagement rate across your TikTok videos
Video Engagement Rate graph by Minter.io

For a more in-depth look at specific engagement metrics, check out the likes, comments and shares graphs. These graphs can show you how people interacted with content on specific days, making it easy to pinpoint content that is seen as more valuable by your audience

Check out the shares graph below. Notice the gaps on days when there were no shares followed by days when there were multiple shares. Content that is consistent in quality is more likely to have fewer days with no shares. Using this graph, you can find the content that was published on days when there was a higher numbers of shares. You can then use that content to inspire new content which is more consistent in gaining interest and shares from your audience.

See the number of times your TikTok videos were shared with others
Shares graph by Minter.io

You can view your top TikTok videos by engagement rate to see which pieces of content performed well. This can help you replicate the techniques and elements in your best performing videos to increase how consistent the quality of your content is. Take note of the content topics, themes, music, text overlays, profile tags, hashtags, captions, locations, coloursemoji use etc. to help you come up with engaging quality content.

See your top performing videos by your chosen metric
Videos by Engagement Rate by Minter.io

To access all the graphs shown in this article and more, tailored specifically to your brand’s social media channels, head to Minter.io now - the social media analytics tool for businesses online.

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